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[GTA U] Crash & Wrong Position

Alexander V

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Alexander V

Hello I'm here again but I'm not here for help just for reporting two bugs


The first one is a Crash but I don't know exactly how to replicate it just cause sometimes is so random

In The Sherman Dam after you survive the three waves the game just crash.

I don't know why this happens but sometimes if you are just there the game crashes. Like if the game just want to load someting


For example this

you can see that I want to provoke the gang war. But when the gang members die the game crash.


So I don't know what exactly what crashes the game. because sometimes you can finish the gang war before the game crashes


The second bug is something weird

The bug is about the map doesn't know where CJ is and shows a wrong position


I have for example this


Also I don't think this is just a visual glitch because it affects if you are in a gang zone. For example in you radar you see that you are in a Ballas zone, but in the menu map you see that you're in Grooves zone, so the game will not spawn Ballas and you're unable to start the war. if you want to provoke the war (like me with summon three ballas) the war doesn't start because you aren't in the ballas zone. So you need to walk sometimes a lot with the hope that your position is in the zone, The video just shows a little bit but if I can I'll record it more.

Thank you for read this I'm just bored as well

Nice day

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