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What if there were a mission like this in GTA 6 or a future GTA?


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In GTA 5 there was the famous torture mission which the media got really angry at and it caused a lot of controversy and i thought it was pretty bad seeing an innocent guy like Mr. K get tortured but it really wasn't as bad as it could have been ( i mean what if we had to cut a toe, a finger or cut his ear like in reservoir dogs or just torture him in worse ways) then the media would have been sh*tting themselves worse. I finished Breaking Bad and the scene where Jesse's girlfriend got shot in the head by Meth Damon aka Todd and it just stood out to me as one of the most depressing scenes in the entire show (and man it's a f*cked up show) but i just thought it would be really interesting to see how a mission like this could play out.


The protag is still starting out and he has to go through a mission to prove himself to his boss and he and some guys kidnap this guy and drive to his girlfriend or wife's house and the protag could be given the task to shot this guy's loved one right in front of him while he's tied up in a car or whatever. To me, atleast, that would be way worse than the torture mission in a way, i mean you shoot this guy's innocent loved one right in the head just to torture him emotionally, that's f*cked up and maybe you could be given a choice to shoot her or let her live like some characters in GTA iv.



What do you think? BTW, #f*ckTodd


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Seems a bit messed up even for GTA standards, although there was a mission kind of but not exactly like that in Saints Row 2

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