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Now Avalible In GTA Online: Target Assault, Vapid Caracara & More


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Ow...double payout on bunkers... wow... And I just have a three resupply aka 630k payout awaiting.. So that means (If I'm Lucky with delivery method) 1.26 million awaits me...


This is gonna be a great earning week again... I'm glad we didn't receive the new vehicules yet... I earned the flash by yesterday and was about to start for the new heli... So today, I'll be able to get the remaining money in for that one too... LOL...


That Mini I couldn't care less about... Never have for the modern GTA-online version, never will for the older one... Not my cup of British Tea...

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Tails Prower

Why no vehicles this time!!


Because R*.


Nothing was officially said about a vehicle this week and the patern has been for a week's event with vehicle release then a quiet week and then another new event

and new vehicles.


Patience for next week's event, spend this week getting money from the bunker to buy next week...

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Going to have to log in for the first time since the hotring races were activated. Got two full bunkers waiting for me to get off work, plus I already have 2 of all the vehicles offered! All earning, no spending!


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Rashkovskys Shiv

Already sold one bunker shipment at $2.6 million with high demand bonus.


Someone make me a money rain gif.

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I’m testing this new format. Let’s see if it works on mobile now.

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