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840 most beautiful locomotive in the late steam era in Thailand, Replacing the USA's Davenport (No Stolen)

Sayonara Arigatou Sniper

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Sayonara Arigatou Sniper

When to say Many "histories" incorporate parts of "narratives" or older stories that have been told over and over for so many years, called "myths", as part of the process of analyzing and identifying the subject. To refine it. What's called Real history So it can have evidence, various things. Matched with the most possible science.

There are many who read what I wrote in blogs. Sometimes the information is technical, especially technical. There may be some discrepancies. I do not want to be considered a serious. ... The main purpose and intent of writing this blog is to write stories that encounter and remember. Including efforts to write stories in the past to many. You currently see that. Once upon a time, Thai trains were in an era of steam locomotives. What happened? .. Who do what .. and what stories in that day. At least Thai History It is not specific. The story of the high train people only!

I've been writing about the story of the Cincinnati Jones, a steam engine driver who has become a hero of American railroaders who must remember. And become a legend that makes. The story of American railroads is important at every level of the elite.

Each railway station .. each of the junction .. are all interesting stories and history of each community, each organization is memorable and recorded to honor that place .....

In Japan Each of the small stations has their own "identity" that reap the tragedy of the railway community. To become a place, people will get to know one place at a time. What has happened?

I am introducing this. I saw a steam engine in the past was one of the most popular garage of Hat Yai. It has been called. It is the "most beautiful steam engine" of the steam engine of Thailand!

Dare say It is the most beautiful steam locomotive in the country. In the end of the end of the steam engine. Most steam locomotives will be shipped and eventually scrapped as scrap scrap at the junction of Thungsong and Hat Yai junction.

I would like many of you who may not know the glory of the steam engine to close their eyes and imagine. The black steam cars that are called "horn" are all parked in and outside the garage of Hat Yai, around 1972-1973.

The smoke is thick ... The fire spread. Hat Yai's garage at that time. Assorted Multi-national steam engine

The Mickey American steam engine is a little louder than the thicker "MacArthur". It is more like a steam locomotive than a wheeled train, often referred to as the " E-car also exists in the end of the two versions may be just. As well as the diesel locomotive, the American 500-mole named "Davenport" relies on serving as a runaway passenger from Hat Yai to Songkhla. Replace steam engine


When I thought of the 840 steam engine, it was fortunate that it was a coincidence. I found a picture of a steam engine that used to ride this car. It was taken by Mr. Bob Wilson, a traveler, and recorded important images of this Siamese locomotive as evidence

The last 840 steam engine (pictured) consists of Mr. Boon Kua (died), a fireman named Mr. Mongkol (after moving back to Bang Sue and retired, did not hear the news) and fireman. The second is Mr. Pho, who retires and lives in Hat Yai.

3 people are Buddy, I think that should be the model that train people should remember to work as a team ... love in this steam engine life. Puy Su from almost all the trains of this car. Clean Vibrant almost every part.

The brass or copper ... It is beautiful or glitter, but all wheel wheels are glittering because everyone helps. The color of this car was won. "Car Care" for many consecutive years.

Pacific 840 steam locomotive was built by the Japan Railway Industry Association, 4-6-2, called Pacific. It was used in 1949-1951. It was discontinued in 1982. The old firewood was used as a fuel.

Edited by Ingramsl19
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