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Disabling DLC/Removing Weapons from Ammunation

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I'll skip the when and why of the matter, but I've been disabling the GTAO DLCs with dlclist.xml and extraupdatecontent.meta and everything has been working fine. Most of the weapons from the DLCs that were available in SP's Ammunation are gone. But the Knuckle Dusters, Machete, Machine Pistol, Proximity Mines, as well as the Ill-Gotten Gains tints are still "partially available."


Their slots still exist in the Ammunation store menu. They can be hovered over and "purchased." Cash is subtracted from the protagonist, the "PURCHASED" image pops up, but obviously no tint is applied or weapon is added to the inventory because the item does not exist/was not loaded into the game.


I'm not sure why these select weapons still appear though. Their respective DLCs are disabled, and even if I am to delete the DLC files this issue still persists. I can only assume that unlike the other DLCs and their weapons, there are files outside the dlc.rpf that are allowing them to still appear in Ammunation. I just can't find them. Any ideas?

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Posted (edited)


Now admittedly I've done a quick search on OpenIV and it isn't giving me any responses, and I can't say I've ever explicitly looked at the weapons system of the game, however going off the information I have from here, it would appear that a weapon (+ it's ammunition, attachments etc), is purchasable through ammunation down to a file called "shop_weapon.meta". So if you're somehow able to find the location of that file, outside your disabled dlc.rpf's, then I reckon you could perhaps see if there is any information within those file(s), which could be causing you to still be able to purchase those specific items.

Assuming this file(s) do indeed exist, and the reason you're having this issue is because of the contents, I imagine you could just delete a few lines of code relating to those weapons and in theory, that should resolve your issue.

Good luck.

Edited by Jacobmaate

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Yeah I know it's something to do with the shop_weapon.meta files. Not sure which one it would be though. I'll have to check some of them again, but it can't be one of the one's in the DLC.rpfs because even disabling or deleting all of them the issue still persisted. I'll have to try looking through what I can and hopefully find something.

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