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Finding something worth my time


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Hello everyone. I've had it grinding my ass off to GTA Online only for trolls and griefers to ruin my experience day by day. Now I'm looking for a game where my time, and possibly money, could be better spent on. I tried Fortnite, but I hated sitting and watching while dead for 10 minutes. Any other games are welcome.

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Commander S

Hello, sir/madam - may I have a minute of your time to spread the good word of our lord and saviour, Monster Hunter World? :colgate:

Friendly, helpful community (no doubt in part because multiplayer is co-op, so it's all about teamwork), consistent mission payouts, satisfying difficulty curve, plenty of variety in terms of how you play (and even options for folks who suck at combo memorisation, like me! :pp), plus really breathtaking visual polish, and a steady stream of free DLC and cool event rewards (including crossovers with other games).

Granted, if you get sucked in, it'll eat up all your game time - plus it's a game that will kick your ass and wear it as a hat from time to time. But that's part of the appeal - you get squashed like a bug, switch up your gear/tactics, then try again. And it never feels like either a joyless grind as a means to simply earning more loot/currency, or a waste of time from sessions getting ruined by randos.

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@Commander S Yeah I hear Monster Hunter is a really good game, and sorta doubted it because the game was mostly online. I'll consider this game for now, and maybe rent to get a feel of RPG elements.

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Lyncconf Games Like is the best place for video game recommendations. Browse our large collection of 'Games Like' pages, console commands, gaming mods or search to find similar games.

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I recommend you playing the psychological horror game Silent Hill, or Resident Evil.

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There's nothing I can tell you. You know what ou like, you know what you want. When those aare no longer appealing, then there are other activities you can find to be engrossed with, though again you have to know what you like first.

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