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Replayabillity and overall flaws

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I've been recently replaying rdr and it doesn't have the same magic that it had when I played it the first time.Of course.Like any game other game, but unlike pretty much all GTA games which I have replayed for years rdr got old way faster.At first I didn't know why, I played it less than GTA IV or V or SA but yet I still got bored of it while I still play the others to this day. Why? It's such a great game! I have so many fun memories of it!

Well, aside from the challenges and missions which can get pretty repetitive. I think ,for the most part it's because of the way horse riding is in this game,I don't really like it: the horse controls just like Marston only with a really half-baked stamina system where the horse sprints forever as long as you tap x slow enough and that's pretty much it, nothing more, not that deep, weird. I've never ridden a horse but I'd imagine it's a bit more complicated than that.GTA didn't just have accelerate and decelerate it was more in-depth you could even drift to some extent in some titles, not to mention how almost every vehicle felt different.

But still, there are no flying horses or super horses or 2-legged horses irl so I guess they didn't have much liberty in design or whatever, but age, size, health and personality could have been more important factors than spots and manes.Now I don't want any novels about a horse's backstory,obviously, but literally every single horse in the ame acts EXACTLY the same; a stolen horse acts exactly like a horse you've had for the entire game and like a recently tamed horse. There's no physical or personal bond to be made with the horse in order to compensate for the mechanical depth that it's lacking, and even then the horses could have been less responsive relative to how much they trust you.It wouldn't have even been that complicated to do .Trust could've been established by how well you fed them, let them rest or groomed them.The horses are treated just like vehicles ,you can just hop on and off any horse that you find, just like GTA. Which brings me to my next point:


RDR tries too much to be like GTA when it could just slow down a bit, missions where you aren't chased or in a shootout are few and far between and the onse where you take it slow like the farm missions or the first Marshal mission are in my opinion the best in the game.Side activities outside of missions are okay and gambling never gets old but challenges don't have replay value and get annoying after doing them more than twice I'd say, but what really annoys me is the map itself.Don't get me wrong It's beautiful and I have no problem with the empty dessert, but it's not even empty, you're always 30-60 seconds away from a town, you can't get lost, it's too compact, it might be that I learned the map but still, and there are parts of the map which are underused and every location is used only if you count DLC. Also why are there more bandits than actual workers/ranchers/shopkeepers I get that it's supposed to be romanticized but this is just ridiculous.


This last part could've been nitpicky but I think it holds a bit of water, still this game is really good but replaying it exposed me to it's flaws which should be discussed

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I've been recently replaying rdr and it doesn't have the same magic that it had when I played it the first time.


I disagree. I recently started replaying it too after a hiatus of many, many years and I'm having a blast. Granted, it isn't perfect, but it's still better than many of the games they offer on any of the modern day consoles.

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