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Big Smoke Dating Simulator


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Big Smoke Dating Simulator is a dating sim (duuh) where you get to date Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris.

Always wanted to date Big Smoke? Well now you can! Removing the boring, ugly, useless, Denise, Big Smoke can now be dated instead of Denise! He loves you, and you.. Well you prove your love to him!


Start the mission "Burning Desire". Tenpenny asks you to torch a house to kill a gang banger. You did what he wanted. But what's that? A dumbass in distress? You can't let that fat fool die. You need to save him! For all we know. He might be an angel of love who appears once in every 69 years and has fallen into the dark world of San Andreas. SAVE HIM.



He has given you his love for saving him. Do not waste this opportunity. Everybody wants to be in a relationship with Big Smoke, but he has chosen you to be his lover! Impress him! Take him to eat. Take him driving and drive by-ing. Take him to drink. Order his favorite meal! Go dancing! Big Smoke is begging to be loved! Grow and expand your relationship with him!


special thanks to YHDF for providing the fixed JD Gimp model




Edited by Gummy 
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Really! An angel? I can't stop laughing...


Denise will be so angry when she get to know that CJ is aaaaaaaa gay...xD

Edited by kkjj
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solv and u get present from smoke

Edited by Gummy 
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the holy order

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I haven't been this erect in a long, long time.

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