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Slice - A concept theme

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Posted (edited)

Hello, many people have been DEMANDING a new theme and im here to deliver...kind of, i have created a concept theme for the GTA forums site, its called SLICE, sounds cool right?

well here are some screenshots


Heres the GTAforums home page


As you can see, very clean. For the sub-forums, the little triangle when clicked reveals a nice little drop down menu to reveal even more topics


At the top the PM and ! boxes are for your Personal messages and notifications and the red box is to log out.


Now if your not moist already here is the theme in the form of a simple topic, roman V niko.

CK9VIER.pngMe, myself representing a mod, admin and a member have discussed this important matter.


Now if you have any questions, comments on concerns or if you want to work with me to make this theme to a reality,



Thanks for reading!

Edited by SpaceJelloYT

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I'm sorry that you didn't like it, do you mind offering a little constructive criticism?

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Posted (edited)

I'm no Administrator or Moderator , but no disrespect... I don't exactly like the way it look's .


I give you credit for trying though

Edited by jaljax

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Neptune Homme

Okay, here goes.


First of all, the colours used for each slice are too vivid and garish. I appreciate that they're themed for each game (where appropriate) but the text isn't the easiest to read. Compare that with the current skins available and you'll notice it comprises of a darker background colour. This is not only presented in a pleasing blue, but the white text is easy to read against it.


Speaking of the text, there's no personality there. It looks like a LinkedIn page. The logo for the site itself has lost all identity, so if this is a first draft I'd suggest using Pricedown (the most recognisable GTA font) for the logo at least. The horizontal browsing between sections isn't the most ergonomic process in the world, especially when so many users are accustomed to the vertical scrolling most other sites offer.


The collapsible menus/subsection is all well and good, but that option is provided by the current build and works great. I'm hiding the Online section as we speak. I appreciate the effort you've put in but too much has changed aesthetically for this to resemble a smooth transition, thus making it harder for people to get used to should they fancy a change. In previous versions of the forums, the only thing that changed were the graphics and colours, not the functionality. If you're trying to drum up interest and enthusiasm, you're going to want to start small.

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