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GTA V: Mission Order

Recommended Posts


Part One :



Franklin and Lamar


Pulling Favours (S&F)


Shift Work (S&F)



Grass Roots - Michael (S&F)

Marriage Counseling

Pulling Another Favour (S&F)

Friend Request

Pulling Favours Again (S&F)

Getaway Driver (Random Event) - (Franklin)

The Good Husband

Exercising Demons - Michael (S&F)

Chaos (Therapy Session 1)

Still Pulling Favours (S&F)

Casing the Jewel Store

Simeon Random Event - (Michael)

The Long Stretch

Daddy's Little Girl

Pulling One Last Favour (S&F)

Bugstars Equipment (Heist Prep)

BZ Gas Grenades (Heist Prep)

The Jewel Store Job (Heist)


Part Two:


Mr. Phillips

Trevor Phillips Industries

Rampage 1 (S&F)

Nervous Ron

Weed Farm Raid (Random Event)

Mackenzie Airfield (Property Purchase)

Arms Trafficking: Air (1)

Arms Trafficking: Air (2)

Arms Trafficking: Air (3)

Arms Trafficking: Air (4)

Drunk Couple; Altruist Cult (Random Encounter)

Cystal Maze

Friends Reunited


Part Three:


Fame or Shame

Dead Man Walking

Evil (Therapy Session 2)

Three's Company

By The Book

Scouting The Port

Minisub (Heist Prep)

The Merryweather Heist (Heist)

Grass Roots - Trevor (S&F)

Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Hood Safari

Rampage 2 (S&F)

Rampage 3 (S&F)

The Hotel Assassination

The Multi Target Assassination

Seeking the Truth (Epsilon)

Accepting the Truth (Epsilon)

Assuming the Truth (Epsilon)

Chasing the Truth (Epsilon)

Bearing the Truth (Epsilon)
Blitz Play (Intro)
Masks (Heist Prep)
Boiler Suits (Heist Prep)
Getaway Vehicle (Heist Prep)
Trash Truck (Heist Prep)
Tow Truck (Heist Prep)
Blitz Play (Heist)
I Fought the Law
Eye in the Sky
Mr. Richards
Caida Libre
Minor Turbulence
The Vice Assassination
Negativity (Phone Session 1)
Arms Trafficking: Air (5)
The Bus Assassination
The Construction Assassination
Paleto Score Setup
Risk Assessment (S&F)
Delivering the Truth (Epsilon)
The Civil Border Patrol
Exercising the Truth (Epsilon)
Liquidity Risk (S&F)
Special Bonds (S&F)
Bail Bonds Reprobate (1)
An American Welcome (S&F)
Bail Bonds Reprobate (2)
Bail Bonds Reprobate (3)
Targeted Risk (S&F)
Bail Bonds Reprobate (4)
Target Practice (S&F)
Uncalculated Risk (S&F)
Arms Trafficking: Ground (1)
Hitch Lift 3; Altruist Cult (Random Encounter)
Crash Rescue (Random Event) - (Michael)
Arms Trafficking: Ground (2)
Arms Trafficking: Ground (3)
Fair Game (S&F)
Paparazzo (S&F)
Deal Gone Wrong (Random Event) - (Trevor)
Arms Trafficking: Ground (4)
Buried Alive (Random Event) - (Michael)
Paparazzo - The Sex Tape (S&F)
Paparazzo - The Partnership (S&F)
Paparazzo - The Meltdown (S&F)
Paparazzo - The Highness (S&F)
Paparazzo - Reality Check (S&F)
Arms Trafficking: Ground (5)
Rogue Altruists (Random Event) - (Michael)
Grass Roots - Franklin (S&F)
Grass Roots - The Pickup (S&F)
Grass Roots - The Drag (S&F)
Grass Roots - The Smoke In
Hitch Lift 4; Altruist Cult (Random Encounter)
Altruist Shootout
Military Hardware (Heist Prep) - (Trevor)
The Paleto Score (Heist)
Minute Man Blues (S&F)
Monkey Business
Part Four:
Hang Ten
Rampage 5 (S&F)
Deep Inside
Surveying The Score
Bury the Hatchet
Pack Man
Fresh Meat
f*cked Up (Phone Session 2)
Unknowing the Truth (Epsilon)
The Ballad of Rocco
Cleaning out the Bureau
Architect's Plans
The Bureau Raid (Heist)
The Wrap Up
Reuiniting the Family
Doting Dad
Legal Trouble
Lamar Down
Parenting 101
Planning the Big Score
Driller (Heist Prep)
Sidetracked (Heist Prep)
The Big Score
The Third Way
Edited by TSR_

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Awesome guide! :colgate:


There are so many things to do, :panic::karmaeater::D:D:D




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