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Prevent being Stoned during the Weed sale


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Sometimes you get the sale mission in which you have to deliver the truck full of weed with the messed up controls


- Drink 5 beers using your interaction menu. Don't spam the item, let the animation end.

- Wait a few seconds

- Enter the truck



Profit. You can drive the truck with normal controls.





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Yellow Dog with Cone

This is pretty genius, gonna try it and post results here, brb!

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Good guide but honestly, I must be one of the only people who really enjoys getting this, just for the challenge and the lols. Oh that truck has ended up in some places, I tell you now.

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So THAT'S why the truck has a liquor livery. IT was a hint all a long!


To be honest, I think the "drunk controls" in GTAV are pretty ass. All it does is force turning your vehicle for no reason. Vice City did it right, damnit.

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How did VC do it again? Haven't played in at least 10 years....

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How did VC do it again? Haven't played in at least 10 years....

The screen waved around as if someone drunk holding the camera and there was the typical blurry effect tuned up. That's what I can remember. What it didn't do was forcing you to turn. At least not as idiotically sharply as in GTAO

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