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Reach Front Page Cafe terrace as a hiding spot for shootout

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Ciao a tutti GTAFrutti!


In this guide you'll find out how to reach the Front Page Cafe terrace as a hideout when fighting law enforcements 


What you need is:

  • Full armor and health (preferably 200+200 gained from 100% completion)
  • A lot of ammunition
  • All weapon slots filled and depending on your skills you can use any powerful weapons you want; of the heavy weapons i recommend using M60, RPG or Minigun, of thrown (Remote) Grenade and of shotguns maybe Spaz
  • Certain vehicles depending on method
  • No cheats! (except where noted)
  • Precision
  • Luck (probably)


Method #1


First find a Coach and steal it, then drive it to the cafe. Park a side of the coach on a small bush below the terrace. Then jump on the wall next to the stairs that lead to the lower terrace. Jump on the coach, then go to the corner of the roof that touches or is nearest to the tall wall and then finally jump on the terrace. This may require a few tries.



Method #2


This requires completing mission Phnom Penh '86. Find a Yankee on south of second island, drive it to the cafe, park the back on the bush and this time you don't even need another vehicle to climb on Yankee. Just climb on the hood first, then roof and voila, you can jump on the terrace just like that!



Method #3


This also requires completing Phnom Penh '86. Find a Packer on the south of second island, drive it to the cafe and park it so that the front of the truck is pointing to the terrace and adjusted so a bike can land, wait for and steal a bike and drive on the ramp and you should land on the terrace! :D



Method #4


Obtain the Packer as in #3 and drive to the terrace. Adjust the front of the truck pointing to the terrace, drive it a bit so it touches the bush instead of front wheels parking on it, walk/run on the ramp and jump on the terrace et voila!



Method #5


Completing Phnom Penh '86 is optional for this method as all you need is to seize the glitches in

and obtain the VCN Maverick on top of the Vice City News building in Downtown. You can land on the roof of the Front Page building and then go to the bushes alleyway down left and jum on terrace or if you want to hover near terrace and jump directly on it to possibly not lose health or armor, you need good maneuvering skills to land on the terrace or exit form heli in perfect timing and fall on it. It's basically the hardest method :pp Good luck!

There's a bonus method to reach second island first in

, but only in PC version



Method #6


Get a PCJ-600, go to the top of the parking lot building where side mission "Cone Crazy" takes place, jump with the bike to the neighbouring building on the south, then the first building at east. That is the Front Page Cafe building. Go left down to a narrow path/alleyway with bushes and then jump to the terrace.

Works with Banshee or other sportscars too but you need much more luck



Bonus Method (involves cheats)


Jump on the hood and then roof of Trashmaster, and then on terrace. Use one of the weapons cheats or all one after another and have fun!



Know more methods? Have questions? Post it here!

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
updated method
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UPDATE: i edited the first method as i found out an easier way to jump on the coach :D

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UPDATE: Added bonus method with cheats for true diehard rebels :r*:

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UPDATE: Replaced Sir Yes Sir with Phnom Penh '86 as the latter one is actually unlocking second island but i somehow missed that and didnt visit the other island after Phnom Penh '86

(back then when i was doing my first playthrough i actually didnt go to second island up until Sir Yes Sir, after Phnom Penh '86 i stayed a while and did some more missions and then decided to visit mainland after Sir Yes Sir, i didnt notice how early second island was unlocked)

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas

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UPDATE: found new method

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UPDATE: updated method #6 and list of things needed

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