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Jet/Plane icon (owned vehicle icons)


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When looking at other players it show's what a player has access too (jets, choppers, boats, and cars). I purchased a rogue but was suprised the icon doesn't show I own a jet/plane. Which aircraft will show I own a jet/plane? Thanks for any help.

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EDITED - wrong information. See post below.

Edited by Gaffa™
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Gaffa, I think you may have misunderstood the question. I think op is asking about the blips that appear below players stats in the pause menu.


I remember selling my second character's last car and it didn't dissappear from his stats. But the next time I was on it had gone. So give it a day or just try restarting the app. Apparently even the Avenger triggers it to appear.

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Yep there's me rushing into things, sorry. StormerBoy is indeed correct so I've edited my above reply. Usually it would've reacted to Pegasus vehicles and personal car, but as stated it may take a little time to get synced.

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Thanks for the replies, I bought the Rogue a few weeks ago when it was on sale, however its not a Pegasus vehicle. So your saying I need to buy pegasus aircraft correct?

Edited by BOOGIEMAN219
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^ More than likely yeah, the game has moved on a lot from the original code.


The Cuban is dirt cheap iirc and you can upgrade it in your hangar.

Edited by Gridl0k
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The Wandering Hunter

fun fact


i own a yacht but have no boat icon on 1 account


even though the yacht has 5, and itself

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