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Need help with character


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I need help with making my character look as close as possible to Michael Caine. Dont ask questions about why I am doing this im just looking for the help doing this as im not amazing at recreating people with character creator.

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Well, you know what his eyes have to look like... p*ssholes in the snow.

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This is a fun thread.


Im afraid I cant help you recreate Michael Caine, nor can I understand why youd want to - but alas, no questions, you said.


But I can provide some cinematic history; in 1971 Michael Caine co-starred in Get Carter with Geraldine Moffat - no other than the mother of all our beloved (well..) Sam and Dan Houser.

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This can be achieved on PC, using zmodeller for the model, and GIMP for the creation of the textures themselves. You will need to ensure, unfortunately, that the resolution of the texture matches what is in-game, otherwise R* servers might detect a "mod", and issue a ban. It's silly to think you can use a in-game character creator to make a ped look like something it isn't.

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Who is Michael cane?



He was kinda like the Samuel L Jackson of the 1970's-1980's. A hard working actor, collecting those checks.


I liked his role as a WWII era German Paratrooper tasked with kidnapping Winston Churchill in "The Eagle Has Landed."

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i hope this isn't for your own sexual gratification


my suggestion is pick the two oldest looking characters, make the facial features to fit. and then get all the wrinkle/age settings you can.


there isn't much you can really do with the gta online character creation system

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contact machbud he knows a thing or two about old characters 🤣

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