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Unable to connect to game session.


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Reasonly, i have this problem that i keep getting thrown out of the lobby im in, i dont know why, there is nothing wrong with my connection.

Its f*cking annoying that this keeps happening when im doing missions, "oh, you are just 1 min away from delivering that car? Too bad, no money for you, ALL that hard work for nothing".

Rockstar really owes me quite a bit of money, the servers are their responsibility.

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I know how you feel. I haven't been able to get online for almost a month now. Made a support ticket and R* told me it's my connection, but it's not, my other games that have online multiplayer work just fine with no problem and I've been playing on the same connection for the past 4 years. No way it's my connection, R* just doesn't want to admit the problem's on their end. I really miss playing online :/ There will be some days when I'm playing story mode and I'll receive invites from my friends and that still doesn't let me connect to their server. Wish they'd fix their server, but we all know they won't. :bored:

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If you're on the PC version it's possible someone else is kicking you out the lobby.


That aside however, it may be an idea to contact Rockstar Support and keep at it - that's something most people don't have the patience for (and I understand that point of view), but you really need to keep on with the support agents saying "thanks, I've tried that, it didn't work, what next" and keep on re-opening the same ticket via replying to it.


Plenty of people can play without an issue, so if you've eliminated the possibility of it being your connection, it's some conflict on your system (either hardware or software) or something else that perhaps only the Internet Service Provider can handle.

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