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Ps4 - Do You Need Help Selling Your Products?


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We are a ps4 hustlin crew called Los Santos Outlaw Boyz. We been around since 2014 and we still hustlin!! We are a mature and social crew, so if you luv hustlin & grindin , come and join our family. We got crew members from all over the world, so finding help ain't an issue.


Ceo, Vip, Import/Export, Mc business, Gunrunning business, Hangar etc.. Crew lobbies are controlled by us to make sure your products don't get destroyed.


Crew rules..



No crew killing

No fighting

Respect one another

Set OLBZ as your active crew

Psn linked/Visible to crew+friends


We also have a crew group chat called Line Messenger. An app that we been using for better communication and just a great way to meet everyone in the crew. Not to mention we got veterans that can give you advises and opinions especially if your new to gta.


To join us please download Line Messenger. Once you have it, hit link down below and a commissioner will help you get sorted out in the crew. Thanks and hope to see you hustlin with us.




Social club crew page



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Hey everyone! I've been in this crew for over a year now and it's been the best thing I've done in gta world! Never made so much money and amazing friends! Please join if you're interested in making some $$$$.

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If your looking for a awesome crew join this one. This is the best crew i was never in a crew on ps3 when i came to ps4 I was in one crew before OLBZ then that crew died. I then went searching for a new crew and found OLBZ I joined in 2015 Ive been in the crew for 3 years now Im a comm never left because on how awesome this crew is and became loyal.

Edited by Blacksmith234
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Los Santos Outlaw Boyz is an awesome crew, I joined a year ago and it makes gta so much more fun, so if your looking for a crew, join us you won't regret it. 😀

Edited by stu0199
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Los Santos Outlaw Boyz- what can I say..... I was welcomed into this crew a little over a month and a half ago, with 15 days of game play. Within that time Ive leveled up huge amounts , made so much money its insane, progressed as a player tremendously, and made really good friends. Theres always someone to help you with whatever you need. Resupply? Dont buy it...well take that. Need a sale? Just hit someone up. Griefer? We got things for that. OLBZ 4 LIFE.

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As a relatively new player to the game, joining the outlaws was the second best thing I did after joining online! Awesome crew, active and helpful, definitely made much more money being here, as there is always someone online to help. Whichever way you chose to play the game, there is room for you to grow in the Outlaw family!!

OLBZ for life!

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I have been in this crew since i joined GTAO about a year and 4 months ago. And now im a lvl 400 and have enough money to buy anything i want and i have met alot of cool people. I'm happy i didn't join a crew full of kids or ones that just kills eachother. I really feel like we're a family. OLBZ4LIFE

Edited by Jdoe727
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It's been 1 year and this crew is still fun to hangout with and helpful too ! People here are really great and the management is A+.For me, this crew is not only just crew but my family too 😀😀 #OLBZ4LYF You will love being here😁😁

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