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PC: The AKIRA Capsules (Ninja Bikes, Touge Drifting, $$Makers)


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Hey I wanted to see if anyone in this GTA forums community would be interested in joining our crew.


Primary Focus: Racing and Public lobby team rotation.


Secondary Focus: Motorcycle club RP based on Capsules gang from AKIRA



Types of racing we do:


  • Fast Paced Ninja Bike races with stunts alternate risky routes in the style of midnight club II
  • Touge (mountain pass) speed drifting in style of Initial D
  • Street races


Mostly on races we create.



Public Lobby Team rotation (Mostly in solo public session, so your product is not destroyed by a hyrda kid.)


each crew member gets 2 turns each to do supply runs or sell, then switch to the next one in line. 2 turns each is put to good use when you have at-least 4 players.



Motorcycle club RP


We join a public lobby and run missions or do PVP with certain motorcycle only limitations enforced.



Advertisiment section:




Current status


We recently introduced an age limit of 21 or older because we want mature players and on that note we ask that you be kind and polite person when in our community. We got tired of immature players where every other word they would say is just a reactionary meme. Are currently low on crew members but we hope we will find quality people and players. If we can get more crew members we can bring back our monthly race tournament series!


--------------------------------------------------JOINING THE CREW--------------------------------------------------------


Obviously you will first need to request and invite into our crew on social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_akira_capsules

Next join our discord server this is the primary place where our crew communicates and organizes events. In order to join our Discord Server you must have the program installed first.

You can download it here: https://discordapp.com/download

Once you have it installed click on this link: https://discord.gg/TKZjdPD


You will be accepted into our crew only after you joined our discord server, thanks.




Edited by Shima
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