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players with mod menu taking your guns away


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Earlier on it was possible for players with mod menus to take away all guns you don't have currently equipped.

So on several occasions i lost all my guns, and stopped buying them back.


Do you know if this is still a thing, or did they fix it at some point?

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Did you always buy your guns? Have you ever tried changing sessions / restarting the game?

Because in most cases the guns will pop back.


EDIT: You can make a request to R* support with a screenshot and a short description. I always recieved a refund for the missing ammo.

Edited by flexcreator
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No this isn't fixed by changing sessions or whatever, the ones you don't have equipped at the moment were permanently gone.

Also if you bought them again you also had to buy all upgrades etc again.

This is on PC of course btw.


So at some point i just equipped everything i really wanted to keep, and accepted the fact that the rest was just not worth buying again.


My urge to collect everything in the game still wants them back though, that's why i'm asking.

If you guys are not sure i'll just buy a cheap one and see if it's still there in a week or two.


I would switch sessions immediately.


From my cold, dead hands.

You don't notice anything, until you go into the weapons shop for new body armor and realize there's a lot of empty spots on the gun rack.

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Smooth Longsack

I always got my guns back after changing sessions or restarting the game. I always clear my cache if someone sprinkled the mod menu jizz on me.

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Thought this was a necrobump from 2013.

Go to SP and back online or switch sessions once or twice, they return

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I always got them back when I switched sessions. The only thing I did not get back was ammo they stole.

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Lol PC masterrace

Figures. Someone always tosses this gasoline on the fire. I'm just butt-hurt because you got here before me. :finger:

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You don´t have to search for a new session, you can also just go into a job and back out. Guns should be back.

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