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What vehicles are the essentials for racing nowadays?

The Gator

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I dont do much racing like I used to, but Id like to know what are the essentials in each class just to be prepared. I use my 2nd character for racing but I feel like I have too many vehicles Im not using which could serve better purpose being sold.


With that being said, what do you racers feel like are must haves for stunt/non-stunt races, etc

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Super: X80/Vagner/Nero Custom


Sports: Pariah


Muscle: Dominator/Dominator Racecar



Idk about the rest.

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Verbal Soze

Bmx, Bf surfer, vapid speedo, pegassi faggio





Edited by ryannata
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Vagner for sure, its like an Re-7b with better top speed, you can just throw it into corners at max speed and still remain traction. Its just a ridiculous vehicle, both in looks and performance.


Pariah is the only car you will ever need in sports.


Sports classic, turismo classic/cheetah classic.

Edited by mort1
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Super: X80/Vagner/Nero Custom


Sports: Pariah


Muscle: Dominator/Dominator Racecar



Idk about the rest.


I can add the Sabre turbo custom & the Yosemite for muscle cars and Bf400 for Offroad vehicles ....

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Shotaro, Hakachou drag for motorcycles.

BF400 for off roads

Briosa for compacts.

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Smooth Longsack

All the above.


Bahti for motorcycles. I use the shotaro too but the bahti is a steal at $15k.


Is the brioso still the boss of the compacts?


There's also the transform race stuff...

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If you're doing other tracks than R* created stunt races you might want to consider Jester Rc, Elegy retro custom or Elegy RH8 for tracks with lots of corners and little use for high top speed. Saying you only need the Pariah in sports class is like saying you only need the Vagner in super class ;) racing randoms it doesn't matter that much but if you race friends and other people on your same skill level the small differences in cars can often make the difference in winning or not.


Super: Vagner, x80, Nero Custom

Sports: Pariah, Jester rc

Muscle: Yosemite, pisswasser Dominator

Coupe: Zion, Exemplar

Compacts: Brioso

Sedans: Schafter v12 armoured

Vans, Rumpo custom?

Motorcycle: Shotaro, hak drag, bati 801

Offroad: Kamacho, trophy truck, bf400 (more and more player made races are made so you can't finish with bike)


Think this covers most of it but still a little early in the morning for me today so don't take this as gospel ;)

Edited by kenmy13999
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On the very technical muscle tracks(duel), I swear by the coquette blackfin. On the more rally sports tracks (rally, tittie twister) Omnis, comet safari and tropos, here the pariah is just too much power in all the corners.

Edited by Foppezão
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For the supers stunt tube races, I always use the Nero Custom. Seems like it just behaves good inside the tubes.

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These vehicle classes are the most used in races and stunt races, I'm listing only the fastest vehicles per lap time but that doesn't mean you will win races(though it will mean you will be competitive with them), also keep in mind that these cars aren't good for all tracks you race on:


-Super: Vagner;

-Sports: Pariah, Hotring Sabre for Hotring races;

-Motorcycles: Bati 801(RR version has the same performance);

-Off-Road: BF400;

-Compacts: Brioso R/A;

-Muscle: Yosemite.


If you're interested in doing Special Vehicle Races, the following vehicles are a must have(don't forget to fully tune them);


-Ruiner 2000;

-Rocket Voltic;

-Blazer Aqua.


In case you also like to do transform races, you should also consider getting these vehicles and fully tune them:


-V-65 Molotok;















-Trophy Truck;



Now, the following aren't used for races(because nobody remembers them), but I'm listing them as they are the fastest for their classes:


Sports Classics: Turismo Classic;

Coupes: Zion hardtop;

Sedans: Schafter V12 LWB Armored;

SUV: Contender;

Vans: Bison;

Utility: Sadler.


You're looking into a investment of somewhere around 15 million, so spend wisely.


Also, word on the forums is that the Deluxo is getting it's own races, so you might want to buy that too.

Edited by Pedinhuh
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Don't both Zions perform the same?

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Don't both Zions perform the same?

Yes, but whoever races in a convertible needs to be shot.

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Don't both Zions perform the same?

They do, just comes down to preference if you like the Cabrio or Coupe more.

Also in Sedans you want the Benefactor Schafter Armored (NOT the LWB!), as the LWB is a lot slower than that.

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Don't both Zions perform the same?

Yes, but whoever races in a convertible needs to be shot.Shoot me than ;)
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Don't both Zions perform the same?

Yes, but whoever races in a convertible needs to be shot.

Yes, the bullet holes on my shirt clarified that last time

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Super: X80/Vagner/Nero Custom


Sports: Pariah


Muscle: Dominator/Dominator Racecar



Idk about the rest.

I agree with this. I do want to add some things.




X80 Proto: You want the X80 Proto for stunt races with a lot of tubes, jumps and straights. The Proto leaves all other cars behind in the tubes. Its 4WD and high top speed is why it loves the tubes and all other stunt pieces. Stunt races like "Green Machine", "Double Loop" is where the X80 shines. You can't win against an above average driver with a Proto in these kind of races.


Vagner: The Vagner should be used for regular race tracks with lots of turns and some straights. Even in some stunt races like "Vespucci" it can do well, because there's not many tubes, but quite a lot of turns. The Vagner is the best for tracks like these. You'll be left behind in the tubes when racing Nero's and Proto's, because of its RWD.


Nero Custom: I consider the Nero Custom to be someone's choice if that person cannot afford BOTH a Vagner and a Proto, this is because it's a better all rounder than both these cars. It can't do most stunt races as well as the Proto, but definitely better than the Vagner. The Nero can't turn as well as the Vagner, but definitely better than the Proto.


Banshee 900R/Pfister 811: The 811 is the fastest super car in the game, on PC, but someone told me it wasn't the fastest on consoles. The Banshee 900R is the second fastest on PC, but that same person told me that the Banshee 900R is the fastest on console. I use these kind of cars in highway races like, "Congestion Charge". These cars should only be used for races with a lot straights and few turns.


XA-21: I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but when you know how to handle it, it can be very good. 4WD, with immense acceleration can be very useful in certain tracks, stunt races like "Downtown Loop", this car can beat the Proto and the Vagner. Its problem is top speed however, it's pretty slow.




Pariah: Unfortunately the Pariah destroyed the sports class. No matter what kind of race you do, races with a lot of straights or turns, the Pariah is so fast, no other sports car can challenge it. If you don't have the Pariah and someone else does, and that person is an above average driver, you won't have much of a chance. In fact, I think that they mistakenly switched the handling files of the Ubermacht SC1 with the Pariah, because this is super car performance in the sports class.




Shotaro: The Shotaro should be used for races with a lot of braking and cornering. It takes the hardest turns easily, but its top speed is pretty low when compared to certain other bikes in the game, like the Bati 801. In quite a few stunt races, it's a good choice. In regular races where there's a lot of cornering and braking, this is the only choice. In a lot of stunt races and regular races with long straights, there's however another bike that outshines it. It's good in stunt races like, "Threading the Needle", "Forest" and "Over the Bridge".


Bati 801: The Bati 801 is in my opinion, the best bike in the game for stunt races. It has the highest top speed and can glide the best. In stunt races like, "Afterburner", "Trench I and III", if you do not have a Bati 801 and someone has and knows how to use it, you don't stand a chance.

Edited by Saint-XCVII
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Shotaro may be better at cornering than the Bati but its top speed isn't low at all. Once again, compared to the Bati maybe but as a stand-alone bike its top speed is something to marvel at.

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Thanks a lot for the replies. Great to see analysis as to why each vehicle excels in their class.


I hope this is helping others with little knowledge to racing or racers that are out of the loop.

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The new Pegassi Tezeract handles well (except over large bumps on streets in free roam). It is reasonably fast on acceleration, right with the 811 and X80.

It has a top speed that is way better than all the other electric cars and above most the engine powered supercars, right at 126 mph, but not as fast as the 811 (138 mph) and it handles better than the 811. It likes smooth short to medium, medium long races and will only be out run on the longest high speed runs. So, on most regular races the new Tezeract is going to give the X80 a run for it's money, but, the 811 will still beat them on the longest high speed runs.

The other electric cars may beat it is a very short drag (1/4 mile) but the other electric cars have such low top speeds they cannot compete with the Tezeract on most race tracks. If you are going to race this one, take some time to get used to the handling and it should do well in most races (avoid extremely short, bumpy, curb boosting tracks like Broughy's and you will do fine).

This is a very expensive supercar, with the highest initial price of any non-rocket or non-weaponized car. At $2,825,000 purchase price and I spent $230,160 on upgrades for a total of $3, 055,160, it came in just under my fully upgraded X80 ($3,114,075 total upgraded on the X80).

Finally we have a reasonably good DLC car, that is not severely handicapped by the fact that it is electric! And you can change the stock wheel color with the iFruit app!

What Cars to Own for Racing?

Super cars an 811 for long high speed runs, the X80 or Tezeract for almost everything else (if you practice with them and get good with them)... The Nero is no longer the better all around short to medium race car... The Vagner only ever done well on Broughy's short, bumpy, curb boosting track, the RE-7B was killed by a Rockstar nerf!!!

Sports cars you need a Pariah period.

Sports classics you need a Turismo Classic

Muscle you need the Piswasser Dominator for really long runs and the Benny's Sabre Turbo Custom for most others... they both take a lot of practice to get them to be fast. Again most the muscle cars do not do well on short, bumpy, curb boosting tracks... but for anything else... these two.

Off road you need a BF400 none of the 4 wheel off road can keep up, due to the Bf400 top speed advantage.

Motorcycles you need a Bati 801 for everything that is not off road or a short drag race, practice how to wheelie...

Air races you need a Pyro for jets... the others, not sure as Rockstar has not added the Akula, and others to helicopters and planes in the race creator.

The rest of the classes are hardly ever raced... the transform races are so random unless you own one of everything the person who created the race put in it ... you will probably not do well... maybe that is why most the transform races have such poor ratings???

Edited by smartergaming
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