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Some questions about weapon attachments

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Hello everyone, I've been playing GTA V since it first came out in 2013 and finally got around to buying it on PC to use mods, and I've been wondering some things about the behavior of the weapon models and the placements of attachments.


I know that in most cases you either have to use the attachments that the weapon mod comes bundled with or you don't use certain attachments at all. Generally, I modify my weapons so the vanilla one is the regular weapon and I change the weapons I mod into the game as _luxe version and they all work wonderfully. However, for attachment compatibility I have problems with silencer and scope placements, since I use luxe variants, I avoid a weapon mod if the sights don't align correctly since the first person scope offset is used for both the normal and luxe variants.


Also, since scopes and most silencers are shared with many weapons I am replacing the _luxe variants with the regular silencers and scopes. They work fine in many cases, but some silencers and scopes will "float" over the weapon, as they are intended for the original weapon model.


So, with all that info, my questions are:


1. Is there any way to alter the placement of silencers and scopes on the _luxe variants of each individual weapon? A simple x,y,z offset maybe?


2. I've seen this mod and I realized that it effectively changes the position of the scope (a scope that is shared with many weapons) even when I replace it only for the luxury finish variant while leaving the original carbine rifle the same. How is this possible? It makes me think that it's possible to determine the position of each individual attachment for each weapon, without affecting others.


Any help or replies are appreciated, thanks in advance!

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