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Need help for Demolition Man.


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Played this game a while back i can see why my last Save from 2006 Was on Four Iron Because i couldn't finish the same mission i'm stuck on now, but i don't want to cheat so can somebody help me switching up the controls or something? what i need to change?

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These following tip's might help you out via Demolition Man


1.Place bomb's in the order from top to bottom

2.Use the propeller's to kill the enemies

3.Scout the building area 1-2 time's


(Note For Tip #3)

If this result's in "Mission Failure" It still give's you a benefit of knowing the exact route to take & where the barrel's are while memorizing the route.

Edited by jaljax
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It has been a long time since I played. But I recall that you should do the bombs bottom to top (starting on ground level), because you don't need to return to the van after the last bomb is placed, which should be the longest return trip of all.


Remap controls for helicopter missions in GTA so that they match analog inputs in car handling. The key that turns steering wheel left, should rotate the helicopter left, not tilt/strafe it. Lean forward should be the same key as acceleration in car. Basically, swap look and steer pairs, swap lean forward/back with accel/brake. Return to car mode after the mission. Treat the heli as a car that can also go up/down. Do not try to rewire your mind/reflexes.


Practice going up the stairs at high speed by giving the helicopter continuous up and forward push at the same time, releasing respective key if you get near a wall. Being quick enough you can ignore most construction workers.

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Thanks everyone who responded, but i managed to do it on my own without switching up stuff.

No problem.


Good luck with the story & congrat's on passing the mission.

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