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Boycott Rockstar into updating GTA SA 10th Anniversary

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As you all know,Rockstar has not updated GTA SA Mobile in almost 3 years,and many newer devices have issues like performance issues and graphical glitches,to name a few.I say we should boycott Rockstar by not buying Shark Cards,or what currency will be in Red Dead Redemption 2's Online as this will scare them into updating the game.I have made a hashtag on twitter as well:#FixGTASAMobile.

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What the hell does buying Shark Cards has to do with San Andreas?! Dude... Whatever you suggesting is pretty dumb IMO

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I appreciate your dedication and passion for this game - really, I do. However, R* aren't exactly known for revisiting past instalments unless it's going to make them a sizeable profit. As biased as I am here towards SA, I can't ever see them revisiting any 3D era games because that ship has well and truly sailed. Voting with your wallets is a good enough idea, but I doubt you'll rally up enough support to even make a dint.


I'm sorry pal, but it isn't going to work. Instead, celebrate like I do by continually finding new ways to play the game. There are literally hundreds of self-imposed challenges that can completely alter the game, which already offers so much to those patient enough to put the time in. SA can be bought on a multitude of platforms for next to nothing, so thankfully there's little stopping us from visiting Los Santos once again.

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