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Confess your trolling

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This is a challenge for you creative trolls since I don't troll...


1. Wear a black flight suit and black ski mask (black BP or SWAT helmet optional)


2. Get in your Akula in stealth mode and find a player with 3+ stars (they'll have a police helicopter chasing them and SWAT eventually)


3. Find the perfect moment when they are pinned or immobile (not in a vehicle)


4. Enable ghost org. And bribe the cops


5. Approach the victim on foot with the SWAT team or use SWAT to conceal yourself as you kill the victim (preferably with a cop weapon like pistol, SMG or AR15-style assault rifle... or a police baton lol)


6. Giggle like school boy/girl or continue to surround youself with SWAT until the cop bribe ends.


7. Post the video to share the giggles.

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Cackling Jack

I used to rig a street car with a ignition bomb and park it right in front of the main lsc. People get so frustrated they get in the car and BOOM!. Best 5k or whatever it costs. Funniest sh!t ever. The smart people would blow it up or go to a different lsc. There I confessed my trolling, 

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Small lobbie with a couple crews in it. They were working and leaving each other alone so I started a car sale and headed out with the usual precausions.


3 of these f*cker's came after me, 2 from one crew and one from the other.


They focused on me and didn't kill each other. I got out and tried to fight them off but the destroyed my car. One of them texted me to leave. They controlled the lobbie so I don't know why they didn't vote kick me.


Whatever. I got my Akula and griefed everything that moved. After about 6 or 7 kills they got me so I switched to the hydra. Several kills and God knows how much insurance I had to pay later my blip was bright red.


They got my hydra and another kill on me and then I grabbed the stromberg. The kills didn't come as easy but they were worthy and they couldn't kill that car for a while. Once they did things went south. They got me several times and we're starting to coordinate attacks.


I went OTR and got the deluxo and got a couple easy kills then saw the tail end of a message about bad sport. Kinda thought it was a warning but it looked different. And it was. All of a sudden I had a dunce hat on.


I got sent to bad sports for 2 days. /sigh/


Totally worth it though.



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I saw somebody with a name like "G0dSpeaks2Me," or whatever, and peeled away from my aerial escort job (covering a friend's sale) to shove a missile up their backside. 


Then I texted them "HAIL SATAN."

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On 3/27/2018 at 5:15 AM, Mattoropael said:

Yet another (harmless) LSC troll:

  • Block Burton LSC (i.e. the most popular one by far) with a locked MOC Cab. Unless you have a Ramp Buggy or Wedge, ramming it away is impossible, and it takes 12 RPG/stickies to blow... and the wreck will still be there. Oh, and you can still cruise around in your PV while it's wasting everyone's time. Just make sure the trailer is stowed away somewhere safe and hidden.
  • Better yet, shut down LSC beforehand with weapons, and watch in passive on the nearby balcony (to make sure LSC does not reset), then have the last laugh when they finally dislodge your cab from the entrance.






I'm overqualified, where are you?



I tried this. It worked for a while, but they eventually blew up the cab to where it was out of the way.

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On 3/29/2018 at 2:16 PM, KM964 said:

I got a bounty and hid in the subway tunnel thats used in the jewel store job, right at the point where it looked like I was a sitting duck on the map on the street above. I placed prox mines just in case anyone came down there. People up above were confused and even started killing each other. I guess they didnt play the story and just jumped straight to online.


I did something similar in the days where we could glitch into Michaels house. Except the magnitude was like WW3. Nobody ever got me.

I did this with the bank vault once. Had about 5 people killing each other above me. One guy made it in, but I had a sticky bomb on the wall just in case.

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Between 9.30 and midnight last night I was a little drunk and terrorized a couple of lobbies.


I took 2 accounts from white, calm blips to bright red psychopath blips in record time.


Also bumped the KD on my 2nd char up past 9.0. :blink:









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Red Lynx 23

Today I had time to do a few Humane Labs setups, off of a random invite. On the EMP setup, the host somehow managed to destroy the Hydra as he was taking it into the hangar. So on the replay, I raced him to the Hydra, but he got into it. So I held Y and got on the back as he took it straight up, of course that was a high altitude hijacking. I heard him say "Red. Bruh." As his character fell onto the Carrier's deck and died. Then during the dogfight a low level with us also died and we had to start again. That trolling was worth it though.

Edited by Red Lynx 23
Eiy cann't spel

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I look for the people using aircraft, then get my Insurgent, go into passive, and loiter near the helipad. Eventually they'll need a fresh Hydra, time it right and I can ram the new one right before they get to it.


This is harder in the era of Personal Aircraft since they have many more spawn points, but you can still make a good guess where someone is headed. And it makes people so angry.

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