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[REL] KAM's GTA Scripts (2018)

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8 hours ago, dan4master said:

Hello, I will try explain myselft with the better english than I can xD. My problem is the next: since I used the old Kams scripts I havent can convert .OBJ to .DFF directly, I need convert the .OBJ format to .3DS and then export as .DFF. And that is because whent I try convert .OBJ to .DFF directly happens this (not the color red of some parts):

  Reveal hidden contents

Is like the UVS change when you export the file. I want be able to import .OBJ and directrly export it as .DFF becase if I export it as .3DS the smooth groups get lost and the model looks terrible. So I wonder if you can make something at future release of these scripts. Any way, I will get pics to explain myself better. I'll post it as replies.

Do you have the original model in obj format? Why do you need to export to 3ds? You can load obj into 3ds max and use the kam scripts to export to dff

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It's possible use it in 3D's 2019?

Edited by 5Alex

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5 hours ago, 5Alex said:

It's possible use it in 3D's 2019?

You can of course, but I did not test

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