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Rate the NPC Above You [pic heavy]


Recommended Posts

Like many of the "Rate the ____ Above You" threads, this one focuses on the indigenous population of non-player characters (NPCs) that roam around our beloved San Andreas.

It's a very simple, but fun game, with some thoughtful criteria to consider before rating.

• Character's looks (they're natural looks)
• Character's actions (what they are doing)

• Character's fashion (what they're wearing and how it looks)
• Character's frequency (are they unique or do you see them everywhere)
• Character's mystique or attraction/lack of attraction (what was it that made you stop and notice them)
• Character's relatability (is this a character you identify with)
• Character's personality (how did you interact with them and they with you. ie, friendly, run away, curse at you, etc)

There's plenty of other factors to consider when rating, but these are a few to get started.

So, feel free to go ahead and rate this individual, until another one is posted for review.

And enjoy! It's all in fun! Cheers! :)


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6/10. Would look like a frightening balla gangsta if he wasn't wearing a red helmet out in the open randomly, not to mention that tweeting while in the hood is an easy way to risk getting your phone stolen. What a buster.



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Looks like he needs a few more Bleeder Burgers.




The left one.

Edited by Rafae
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Looks like he needs a few more Bleeder Burgers.




The left one.

8/10 (if she didn't smoke, it would've been higher)


To be honest, they're both very good looking. Hard to tell, overall, because it's only a head shot, but bonus points to Lefty for the cute hat! :)




The right one.

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The right one.

Oh look, twins. Lol too bad they both look like sh*t.


3/10, pass!




Edited by Rafae
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1/10. Not only she's ugly but she managed to get killed by the boi roast hand, which is completely humiliating. Nice pendant, though.



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7/10 - She's OK I guess. Ring on her finger is massive.


Old pic, I know. :p



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8/10 - Nicely dressed, well-educated, a little arrogant but who isn't these days? Sure, she gets around alot but her quick wit makes up for that.





Vespucci Beach

Mask Shop


who's he looking at?







Rate this dude


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5/10. Sells overpriced masks, doesn't let me buy his hats, glasses or the stuff inside his store. Cool hair, though.


Animals also count as NPCs, right?



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  • 2 weeks later...
Verbal Soze



Looks like a tomboy girl look at it jacket and a bra with some ciggs on she's an ezy ryder, riding down the highway of desire

and looks like she's "down" for anything :lol:


anyway here is esteban my loyal factory worker, esteban mi hermano :lol:



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Esteban is a quiet man, a mouth breather, and struggles with his weight.

His wandering eye can be off-putting to those who don't know him, but his constant smell of wax beans makes him approachable.

And he loves hugs.

This all constitutes an NPC rating of 7.8/10 for Esteban. It might have been higher if he'd at least smiled for the photo.



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  • 2 weeks later...
Verbal Soze

7.5 for the girl, it could be catalina's daughter from SA, searching for his long lost father in LS CJ


Next : Mirror park's finest :lol:



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Looks like a an older, Latino Freddy Mercury...

But what's this? Wearing a skirt and visible...pecks?

Most interesting character I've seen, but the mysterious element is too much.





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  • 4 weeks later...

^ I give this one a 9.5 rating based on the open narrative of it. The pose, the outfit, the sign... it's all got quite a story going on. Here's my take:

The lonely fireman, who left the scene of a car fire on Vinewood Avenue, as he realized he just can't take anymore carnage in Los Santos.
He retreated, tired and forlorn, dreaming about the girl he almost married and his parsnip garden back home at his mama's house in the country.
Sure, he's well aware of CPC Code 602, but he doesn't care anymore. He's done. He's over it. But, he needs to sort it out... sort it all out




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