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Is stand by mode on an electronics is wasting energy?


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I've seen on my campus, there's a campaign "Turn off your gear, stop the vampire energy" and some paragraph of information. They said stand by mode is wasting energy because the red led shining. I am not 100% believe because why the heck they make stand by mode with no reason except wasting energy.

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Standby mode allow the device to be turned on quicker and yes, it draws more power than when it's switched off.


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one of the world's greatest problems...


1. stand by mode

2. poverty

3. world peace

4. climate change



edit: in that order :p

Edited by HaRdSTyLe_83
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I am not 100% believe because why the heck they make stand by mode with no reason except wasting energy.

Because humans are lazy and don't like to have to wait for things, as yojc said it allows devices to be turned on quicker. If you're worried about power consumption I think there are far worse culprits out there though. Even a reasonably modern huge TV will draw 2-3W tops in standby mode, smaller devices <1W easily. A normal halogen lightbulb uses a lot more than that.
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Batman Who Laughs

Long story short, yes, it uses energy, not a lot, but technically they're not lying. And if everyone on campus obeys they probably would see a substantial saving in energy costs and be greener. I tend to power off all my gear each night.

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What they're saying, simply put, is true. Today, the typical household (for generalization) has an assortment of modern electronic devices. Each of them (desktop computers, laptop "power bricks", TVs, TV boxes, modems, Wi-Fi routers, video game consoles, etc.) draw a much smaller amount of electric current when turned off but still plugged in. All of that stuff draws power continuously for as long as they're plugged in. The reasons for this are very extensive and differ with each example of device. For one example, TVs need standby power to allow remote sensors to operate and timekeeping systems and other functions dependent on volatile memory to function. Collectively, all of those put together substantially increase the electricity consumption on campus, let alone the electric grid as a whole. However, I really don't think they expect you to actually unplug anything beyond phone chargers and laptop power supplies. Modems, routers and TV boxes can all take a while to boot back up following a power cut.

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