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Going backward on tracks need to be dealt with.


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With the new DLC and some of these oval tracks, people going backwards in the race seems to be a bigger issue then I've ever seen it. I was in races today and there was like 4 people or more going backwards, it's nonsense. Personally I think there should be a DQ feature, sit idle or go the wrong way for more then 10-15 seconds and you get automatically DQ'd and put into spectator cam.


Now I know peoples first response will be to use Non-Contact. That'd be a option if Rockstar's lobby and invite system actually worked. But to me it seems the lobby system favors populated lobbies. I can boot up a session and sit in a lobby for 15-20 minutes by myself with auto-invite on and the session open, and 9 times out of 10 not a god damn soul will join me. But join a random populated session and you get 20 to 30 people easily.


Problem with that is most randoms just leave the game on default session. If your very, very lucky the host will disconnect and the game will choose you out of the 20 odd people present to be host, but that next to never happens so non-contact is out most times.


Racing seems to be a big deal in GTAO, big enough deal now Rockstar has made a good 5 or 6 DLC's revolving around racing. So why has people going the wrong way on tracks not been dealt with?


And why won't they fix the damn curb boost problem. When I can pull ahead in a nascar race where everybody has the same, and stay ahead regardless of catch up because curb boosting gives you that much of a speed boost, that's a issue. Hitting bumps shouldn't speed you up, it should do nothing or more realistically slow you down.


Curb boosting also undermines Rockstar giving us newer and faster cars. Why buy a Vagnar or XA-21 when you could buy one of the old supercars on the cheap and just use curb boosting to keep pace. Do Rockstar not consider this or something?



Well anyway rant over I guess. Not like anything is gonna get done anyway, if anything is done Rockstar will probably just make things worse (like their solution to fighter jets, instead of removing explosive bullets from the jets that would of fixed everything, those geniuses decided to give snipers and shotguns explosive rounds instead. Yea things are soooo much better now :sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm:)


Anyway, just had a frustrating day with lots off trolls and had to vent. Unlikely as it is, hopefully Rockstar finds some fix to this problem.


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They should just ghost any player that doesn't hit their next checkpoint in a reasonable amount of time. The game would have to be smart enough to calculate what is a reasonable amount of time based on the distance between the checkpoints and the selected vehicle class's average speed, but that's not impossible to code. Anyone parked or going the wrong way becomes non-contact; everyone else races on normally.


This is an idea whose time has come. Enough trolling already.

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It's not that I don't appreciate your woe, but there is a whole thread dedicated to this kind of post.

Just saying, is all.

[GTAO] The Official B*tch & Moan Topic

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