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Would the Open IV team help us?


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I've heard that one person in the team made a map exporter for GTA V. We modify Mafia 2, recently we've been trying to find a way to expand the map. I had an idea of putting a model of a map onto a car model - *we can only import and export car models via Zmodeler 3. It worked, later I came up with a script that locks the car's physics so it behaves like a static object.

This is the result of it:

Unfortunately you can't add new collisions (you can use only the original one) and it seems to be buggy nevertheless - It would be possible to add new collisions if we had a program that opens this file - PREFAB_0.bin, it is saved in sds/cars/xxxx.sds

xxxx.sds is a game file that packs all files of one model - including its geometry, geometry of collisions and files such as PREFAB_0.bin that refer to collision materials, to textures etc.

the xxxx.sds can be extracted using the SDS Tool (available on the internet)

Decrypting PREFAB_0.bin could be a solution but it seems that a map exporter for 3d max for Mafia 2 is the only way to go, if we want to convert maps into Mafia 2 properly.

One thing is for sure - there are people who would be making maps for Mafia 2, if it were possible - I myself would dedicate my life to it!

If you want, you can take a closer look at this forum where I posted the progress of this project: http://mafiascene.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10250&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Please help the Mafia community!

Edited by T3mas1
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The only thing that is stopping us is collisions - collisions simply don't work, no matter what you do.





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OpenIV Team

Not sure how we can help you. We didn't work with Mafia files and formats, and most of our expertise is for games based of RAGE.


I'm sure it is possible to research Mafia formats, but we currently don't have time to work with anything except RAGE games.

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