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[TxT] "Nap Of the Earth" (N.O.E) help?


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So I just finish Pilot School, all gold. But in this mission, I tried to fly down the radar limit and Toreno warn me. After the fly off the limit, I got 2 Hydras A**hole chasing and shoot missile at me and hit a tree at Mt. Chiliad


So, is there any easy route to pass this mission? I need a reply because I suck at android

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just fly over the water really low. That's what I did.

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Take off Head north to the sea

Follow the coast until you are south of the town

Then fly into the halo

And return by the same route. There is plenty of time.


If you want to fly south instead (the quick route).

Then you need to consider.

1. Keeping the throttle engaged will make the plane want to climb.

2. It takes a couple of seconds for the "Alarm" of being too high for the Airforce to respond.

3. The ground undulates, so maintaining a level flight (not actually following the ground) will work fine. at a low level. Main concern is the Trees, towers, and such POPPING up. I suggest following the planed route Outside of the mission for practice.

REMEMBER to Only touch the controls when you Must. otherwise let the plane fly itself.


My route (after I got skilled at flying)

I. over the road along the west of Area 69

2. South to the west of the Factory (watch out for the light pole)

3. across the pond, along the river, over the ocean, turning right along the southern coast.

4. To the town.

5. back to the coast,

6. retrace my steps home.

Edited by lil weasel
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Its not a tough mission, it just the first time the best way do it is going over the water near the flying school then going way to angel pine. The whole mission will take like 6 mins

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I always stall the Rustler when heading to Angel Pine and blew the f off

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Stalling usually means forgetting to raise the landing Gear.

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