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Jester Classic Appreciation/Discussion Thread


Recommended Posts

Finally, we got it!
Perfect addition to Sultan RS and Elegy Retro!
Photo credit: JoonasPRKL

Our prayers were heard and Jester Classic was remade. The thread will be updated with actual info and data in forthcoming days.
As for the rest - Thanks everyone who was not passive with the issue and did their feedback via e-mails or YT.
Dont forget to mail R* and thank them for it :)
Best Wishes, EVO.


As I promised, here is my report list with almost all bugs and issues: https://imgur.com/a/sxxy0vQ

Check them out :)

Feel free to report about it by sending this list to [email protected] and [email protected]
More reports - more chances to be heard.

You can also support the issue with handling and added flags by reporting This to e-mails above.

Jester Classic (Legendary Motorsport):
Dinka are famous for their hyperbikes and other suicide machines, but their legacy only has one name on it: the Jester Classic. They may have set out to make a sports GT, but they accidentally made the most iconic street racer ever to do a quarter mile with plenty of change out of ten seconds flat. It's still as beautiful as it ever was, it'll still eat you alive if you so much as flinch while you're behind the wheel, and you still wouldn't change a damn thing.




Price: $790,000
Status: Drip-feed, not available now
Expected date: May, 29th

If you are a PC player and looking for improved and finished models, please check them out: 



Jester Classic with Bug Fixes by 13stewartc



Karin Jester Custom by NorthwindJME



Fast & Furious liveries for Jester Classic by Lokuras




If you are a PS4/XB1 player and looking for the finished model, please report the issue list to [email protected] and [email protected]


Edited by EVOLUT7ON
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Am I the only one who thinks the model looks a bit... outdated? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that we got a Supra but I can’t help thinking that the model looks very IV-ish.

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Welcome to the Rockstar Manufacturer Lottery!


Supra = Honda (Dinka)

Lancer Evo = Toyota (Karin)

S30 Fairlady Z = Toyota (Karin) *


Clearly, anything that's not a Toyota is a Toyota, and anything that is a Toyota isn't Toyota.



* Yes, I know the 190z is partially 2000GT

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Welcome to the Rockstar Manufacturer Lottery!


Supra = Honda (Dinka)

Lancer Evo = Toyota (Karin)

S30 Fairlady Z = Toyota (Karin) *


Clearly, anything that's not a Toyota is a Toyota, and anything that is a Toyota isn't Toyota.



* Yes, I know the 190z is partially 2000GT

They must know, they have to. No way they don't. It must be a laughing gag over there.

Edited by eyman
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Sport classic for real? The f*ck?


And no liveries? The f*ck?


Oh Well atleast we have the car itself now. I hope the other Mods are killer!

Edited by jdv95
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Another minor nitpick: seems to have been assigned to the same bod(s) wot did the likes of the Lynx, Torero, Turismo Classic, etc., and not the Elegy Retro, Infernus Classic, and so on.

Little things, like the way a lot of the detail looks 'flat', or how certain edges just 'stop', for lack of a better description - the sort of thing that makes it look less like something made out of solid materials, and more obviously something sculpted in a computer. That's probably what's making it look like something from an older game to some people.

Still, it looks like it'll do the job just fine, so far - I hope it has a decent assortment of bumper/spoiler options, because I've been looking forward to doing this for a looong time:


...on second thoughts:



Edited by Commander S
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Eh, Blista, Warrener, Tampa, Mamba, Pariah, Stromburg... It's a running joke at this point.

Frankly, as long as the car is good, R* can make call everything a Yugo for all that it matters, IMO. :p

Main thing I want to see is the LSC customisation - engine mods would be great, needs the iconic spoiler, and I'd love some decent bumper/skirt combos.

Edited by Commander S
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Yep, drip-fed - and it's the last thing on Legendary Motorsport, so it could well be one of the last cars released overall. :sigh:

Although that said, that whole thing I mentioned before (the model being done by the same sausage-fingered oaf responsible for the Lynx)? The more I look at the model, the more concerned I get:



(link to the same pic at full size)





Not sure why there's some bolted-on carbon bit around those COMICALLY OVERSIZED EXHAUSTS ( :blink:), and yeah, the headlight housing looks like someone took an axe to the front of the car, shoved a couple of stickers on the vertical edge, and called it a day. :cry:

Compare that to a real Supra:


And it's not like there aren't people on the art team who can pull that kind of thing off - look at the GP1, for example (the headlights being a perfect example of Supra-style lights done right):




Heck, this sort of thing used to be done better back in GTA IV:




...is it unreasonable to nag R* for a 'Karin Jester Classic Custom', and ask whoever did the GP1 or Elegy Retro (I suspect the same folks did both) to have a proper crack at a Supra?

Edited by Commander S
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