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Sharing Media On Network


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Cut straight to the chase: I own a Sony Xperia smartphone, and within the Music app that comes with the device is an option called "Home Network", which is obviously an option to connect to devices on your home network and stream the music from said device, in this case it would be my laptop. Only problem is, .nothing at all appears on there. Going through various forums and articles online, I came across one that said Win10 had taken the Homegroup sharing away (explains the error code I was receiving when trying it), so I did what I thought was the other option and just shared the folder which it told me to do, yet nothing is still showing up on my Xperia.


I've gone through so much sharing options on my Laptop that I've forgotten what options I've changed - I've done firewall options, folder sharing options etc.


The reasoning behind wanting to do all this is 'cos I have a sh*t-ton of music stored on my laptop, and after Win10 update decided to f*ck my soundcard up somehow, my phone is my only real option of listening to music, and it gets rather tedious having to take the SD card out every so often just when I fancy a change of music, especially since it can corrupt them after doing this so many times.


So, does anyone have any ideas how I can set my Win10 laptop up to stream to the Home Network option on my Sony music app, or any other way to simply stream music from the laptop to my phone, maybe through some other app or anything?

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Have you tried just importing your music into Google Play and using that on your phone? Seems like the easiest way of doing it.

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Have you tried just importing your music into Google Play and using that on your phone? Seems like the easiest way of doing it.


Google Play is a subscription only service though unfortunately.

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No it's not. It's subscription only for streaming of music from their services, but you can upload your own music to Play and listen to it without subscribing.


I've got several hundred tracks on my phone transferred to Play from my PC and I can play them no problems. I don't have a Play subscription.

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