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Welcome! And Thank you for choosing to play with San Andreas State Roleplay on the xbox one. Please use proper grammar and punctuation when filling out the form. We want mature and professional members apart of the group. Failing to do so, will put your application in "automatic" denial. Must be 16+ to enter.

San Andreas Roleplay is a small community right now we are hoping to get alot more people in here we are very professional and we also have a cad. We are in dire need of new members and I hope you will become apart of OUR SAN ANDREAS ROLEPLAY!

You have a choice between what you want to be!


(Law enforcement)




Civilians roles are the most crucial there is in ANY police roleplay group. You guys create the scenes, give our LEOs a hard time, as well as be the backbone to any and all roleplay sessions. With out you guys, GTA V RP would not be a thing. This is why we need to give you guys the best training on what and what not to do. Just kind of showing you the base on everything. It sounds ridiculous, "training to be a civilian?" You would be surprised the kind of training some civilians need to gta. We will mostly show you guys basic scenarios, show y'all "in game fear", as well as realistic driving, how to create a scene, and what to do before you create a priority call/scene.

If DoJ on PC is something you want to join but don't have a computer to handle FiveM and GTA, feel free to join us, as we are based off DoJ and try out best to make professionalism an easy roleplay task you can handle. We use discord, its a free app you can download on your phone/PC/Laptop. Once you get discord add me and DM me that you want to join the community.

Law Enforcement

W e will have a CAD/MDT for all Civilians/LEO/Communications!! For LEO you must read through the San Andreas Penal Code, be 16+ for mature reasons, and go through some basic training with our FTO. After becoming a Private, in order to be promoted again, you must complete an exam about the basic principles of the Penal Code. You will also be verbally tested on your communication toward dispatch, and other civilians/LEOs.(We look for the smoothness in communication) We stride for perfection, and if that is what you are looking for, please fill out the application below!! I hope to be hearing from you soon!!

We do a roleplay every weekend and we do training during the week.

We have a cad/MDT we will get you in the cad when you are accepted.

After you are accepted we will do a interview on our recruitment server.

We hope to hear from you guys!

My discord: Ethan#6285





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