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How many protagonists should be in the next GTA?


How many protagonists should be in the next GTA?  

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  1. 1. How many protagonists should be in the next GTA?

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Grotti Vigilante

Just the one male protagonist in line with the traditional GTA formula. No corrupt cop protagonist just for the sake of it and no female protagonist just to do something different (trying something different isn’t inherantly bad, but it has to have good reason). 


Just stick with one well developed character, and preferably make him a hitman like Claude or Niko Bellic again to broaden the possibilities of missions. Then again, another Tommy Vercetti would be much appreciated too. 

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there wont be three again. 


could see two . 


you have two possibles. 


the first is if and it a very low chance. 


groupe 4 dat date is right 


he said the story takes place over 40 years which i cant see but the more solid leak on pastebin also said different time periods. 


so who knows. 


either way one person starts out young working there way up the drug trade which i think will be the next storyline. 

the whole american dream thing was done in 4 heists were done in 5 . 


so it makes sense to do the drug storyline a true scarface tribute game like vice city the true sequel to that game .


you progress through the decades working your way to the top and then eventually die like arthur in rdr 2  .


and another younger main character takes over maybe a female who knows. 


or you have two characters in same storyline . 

one male one female.  

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Voted for 2 maybe a free lancer like Claude or Niko and one who's actually committed to a street gang instead of trying to leave it. In all honesty i don't care how many there is just make sure there's enough missons to flesh them out

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Doesn't matter cuz they'll make the game amazing anyway, it was great in gta5 and i don't care if they go back to one as well

cannot believe some want a love story in gta jesus

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Anything could go as long as all characters are interesting, well developed and get enough focus. In case of GTAV Michael and Trevor were very well done however Franklin was a rather uninteresting character.


Would be fine with 2 characters.

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1 for sure. As revolutionary as that feature was, Rockstar showed that they are not capable of making and properly developing multiple playable characters in the same game. Not only the characters themselves were affected, but the story was also affected. Also, I don't think multiple protagonists work in a game like GTA. After seeing some ideas here, I'd like to say that having 2 protagonists, male and female, would be too cheesy, has been done before, and it would seem like it was done only so we could play both sexes. No. I want a full developed and well written protagonist, with its own focused story, instead of 2 half-developed (or 1 fully developed and another badly developed) and mediocre protagonists with a non-focused story written to include both.


But for a more thorough explanation of why I don't like the multiple characters concept:

What people don't understand is that a crucial difference between the 3 protagonists in IV+EFLC and V is that, in GTA IV and EFLC, the 3 protagonists had their own stories, each one with their respective introduction, development, and conclusion, which were interconnected but still separated from each other, while in GTA V, the 3 protagonists had to share the same story, which had one beginning, a development, and one ending. 

I believe that a GTA protagonist must have his own story, because each protagonist deserves a beginning, development, and ending to and only to his story, nothing less than that, and the truth is that a GTA title can only have one story, unless they do what they've never done before and divide the game into multiple campaigns. Having more than one protagonist would mean that the story would have to be shared between the protagonists.

Due to the nature of GTA protagonists and their relation with the story of the game, I believe that a shared story will always be weak, and I value the game's story over variety of player characters, so I stand by my opinion of only having one protagonist in the next game.

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Also to think that they will be implementing all the player features from RDR2.

One protagonist.

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How about 6? So we can have them all come together and have [a] Gruppe 6?

In seriousness, I want one protag that is highly customizable alas SR2 or GTAO type thing. I don't want another slipper wearer that I can barely customize (and tolerate) because Rockstar/other people feel the need to humanize and relate to a psychopath.

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