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Jack Lupino

Things you hate the most about Vice City

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Guest Billy Russo

Those sh*tty ass Ambulance missions. Playing it on PS4 has brought ALL the memories back. f*ck that noise. The handling is so bad.

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Evil empire

Vice City lacks of immersion-friendly explanations to justify some things.


For example even if I love the missions set to rob El banco corrupto grande nothing in the scenario explains the reason why you need to do this so the Malibu generates an income which sucks.


For example if you had a sequence showing some SWAT members being blackmailed by a powerful mafia capo (a Leone or Sindacco for example) because they failed to assassinate some honest cops who seized many valuables mafia assets and need to refund the mafiosi so they decide to force Tommy to pay the pizzo. Tommy learns in turn about the corrupt cops' situation and chooses to steal their bribes so the undeserving cops definitely can't pay their debt and the mafiosi boss sees how weak and greedy they are.

After the heist if you had a sequence showing the remaining corrupt SWAT members assassinated by the mafia mastermind GTA VC would be more immersive.


The same applies for the Cherry poppers sub-mission, like I wrote in other topics it would make more sense to have Tommy personnaly sell the ice-cream if you had a sequence explaining he  bought a lot of drug the cops are going to confiscate and his truck-driving employee is sick. Adding this wouldn't be the sea to drink.



Even if I perfectly know the GTA's entirely deal with fictional characters taking part to a fictional story in a fictional location I always appreciate the elements that contribute to the immersion.

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firetruck side mission was almost impossible on mobile due to having trash upgraded vehicle physics

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