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Big improvement to GTA SA damage engine

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I was browsing YouTube and saw this:




This is very similiar to GTA IV car damage (but in San Andreas Multiplayer)

Many pople ask him to convert this to single player but he never done that.

So, the question is - is this even POSSIBLE to convert this to singleplayer? Or maybe someone done that already?

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That's interesting. How come mods that work in SA:MP like this, don't work for Singleplayer? I don't play SAMP so I don't know how it operates differently from the base game itself. Perhaps the mod files from the collision files for the damage can be copied over to the singleplayer ones or something?

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I believe you can actually do that with the vehicle model itself.

All cars have 'Damage' versions of their parts. So when you damage something like the door, the model for the door gets replaced by the damaged version of said door. All you'd have to do is take it to the next level.


I remember using an enter-able bus mod years back now, and it done the same thing by making the damaged parts cover more of the vehicle, so for example if I smashed the side of the bus, there would be broken windows and dents and all sorts of cool damage models on the side. But the point being, I believe you can do this by modifying the actual vehicle itself so it has those damage effects.


I think you'd have to put the damaged parts as a child to the damaged vehicle part. So for example if I wanted to make the whole front of a car have a damage effect like the one in that video, I'd make a 'damage' version of it and link that model to the damage bumper model as a child to it in the hierarchy.


I'm not 100% sure on this because it's been a long time since I've actually done it, but hopefully that will give you a good idea on how to achieve these effects for vehicles in GTA SA.

Edited by Recommended

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This is something totally different - this is full real time deformation, not pre deformed parts

Edited by Masny

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Port it is not that simple, MTA works in anther way to GTA SA, in simple words, MTA is a totally different to singleplayer; MTA is based on .LUA codes, scripts and format. If you want to port that modification to singleplayer you have to make a whole new script.


In my opinion

was the closer we can get to something like a realistic damage system. Well probably soon we will see new scripts related with that since .LUA scripts are avaible to GTA SA (singleplayer), also Plugin SDK by DK22pac has a great potencial. Edited by Mysterdogg

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MTA developers not just only made their scripting system (which is not the same as what we have in MoonLoader (stop dreaming!), even if both use LUA language), they also made many changes into rendering engine and other things - and with this, for example, custom shaders are pretty easy to make there.

Also, a guy who made this "damage system" is good at physics, he said he spent years learning it at university (so now it's his time to reap the fruits of his hard work :p).

Edited by DK22Pac

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Thanks for reply.


It clears everything.



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