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Improved Freemode HUD

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Posted (edited)

I randomly had an idea to do this, and now I finally decided to actually do it. This is a complete replacement of the freemode script. It skips the lobby completely (you can't create games with this, people can't join them) and throws you straight into the game with some initial options like blips and spawn location. This also fixes the stuck in lobby bug when there are too many objects in the server.

The chat is improved as well, the position can be changed, the last 11 messages are displayed, and the chat disappears after 3 seconds of no messages being sent (hold TAB to keep chat open at all times)

You can also send PMs to people (only the selected person will receive them)

The blips are a bit bigger than the original game, and show a car/heli/boat icon depending on if they are in a vehicle or not, GTA Online style. Players will also have a colored arrow above them.

Joining notifications are a bit bigger and don't have the info beep sound, but they show if someone is joining as well as when they join in.

The scoreboard displays joining and Super Network Ghosts (they will have Joining or Super Network Ghost before their name)

The speech button has also been enabled inside vehicles.

This mod is for IV, TLAD and TBoGT. (e1_freemode for TLAD, freemode_cr for IV, e2_freemode for TBOGT)


6.0 Changelog:



Completely reworked the chat, support for every keyboard layout added

Attempted to fix hosting and becoming host (if both of you use the script you can join each other with invites now)

Added Invite Player option




5.0 Changelog:



Added new map blips (Pay N' Spray)
Fixed map blip behavior (no longer displayed at all times, smaller size)
Added Quick GPS to menu
Added speech menu (Hold E)




4.0 Changelog:



Added varied kill messages (same system as R*'s freemode script)
Added varied death messages (drowned, exploded, fell)
Added ability to launch in SP (if you can somehow open an MP lobby in SP) (only acts as a HUD)
Added Kick Player option (don't ask why, since you can't host with this)
Added TBOGT support (very WIP, no parachuting)




3.0 Changelog:



Made respawning a bit more random
Fixed respawn fading in too early
Added Chat Position option
Added Map Blips option back
Fixed 9 not working in chat
Added voice icon to players with headset onto scoreboard
Added PM option (access menu with M key and select player to send to)




2.0 Changelog:



Added asterisk key

Added double quote key
Added chat color toggle
Added 3D Chat toggle
Fixed chat name colors
Fixed speech key in IV
Added respawn system
Added spawn weapons (pistol & knife)
Removed map blips option
Added Weapon Pickups option (consistent armor & health pickups but spawns random weapons each time, clientside only, still needs improving)




Screenshots: (ignore Joining/Ghosts at the top of screen, that's from my trainer)







Edited by Zolika1351

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