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Making various vehicle mods work together

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Hi people, I'm pretty new to GTA5 modding. I'm trying to install the following mods: IVPack, World of Variety, Dispatch of Variety, Vainillaworks Extended Pack, Vainillaworks Extended Livery Pack, Realism Dispatch Enhanced.


However, each of these mods come with compatibility patches, but I couldn't find anything that could make them all work together. These are the patches that each mod includes:



No compatibility patches (I got a non OIV version, the original was removed from GTA5MODS)


World of Variety

---> WoV + IVPack


Dispatch of Variety

---> DoV + IVPack

---> DoV + Vainillaworks Extended

---> DoV + Vainillaworks Extended + IVPack


Vainillaworks Extended Pack

---> VE + IVPack

---> VE + IVPack + World of Variety

---> VE + IVPack + Realism Dispatch Enhanced

---> VE + World of Variety


Vainillaworks Extended Livery Pack

No compatibility patches (this one shouldn't conflict with anything)


Realism Dispatch Enhanced

No compatibility patches (this one has an old version of World of Variety integrated, but that mod got updated)



Do anyone knows in which order I should install them and what compatibility patches should I use to get the most of them (no missing vehicles)?

I installed them all, but my game was terribly unstable. Story missions didn't work (I arrived at a weed cache area and suddenly all my blips dissapeared), and after being chased by the police for a few minutes, my game crashed.

Is there anything else I need to do? I've seen mods with "gameconfig", but I'm not sure what that does.


My copy of GTA5 is legit, updated to the latest version, and the only other mods I have are Menyoo, VisualV, Natural Vision and Map Editor.

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