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Is there a way to have a ped float in the air until you dont want them to float in the air

deleted account

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You can lock all actors position in the air and when you want you can unlock their position to make them fall down. Just make sure to give them lots of health.

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Another GTA Fan

Yes this is very easy to do. I've put together this simple script to do exactly what you're asking here, though you're more than welcome to use it and change it as much as you want:


{$CLEO .cs}:TEST_003A4: name_thread 'TEST':TEST_1wait 00AD2: [email protected] = player $PLAYER_CHAR targeted_actorif and0457:   player $PLAYER_CHAR aiming_at_actor [email protected]:   player 0 pressed_key 16else_jump @TEST_100A0: store_actor [email protected] position_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@ += 2.000A1: put_actor [email protected] at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]: set_actor [email protected] pinned_position 1wait 500jump @TEST_2:TEST_2wait 0if00E1:   player 0 pressed_key 16else_jump @TEST_20575: set_actor [email protected] pinned_position 0jump @TEST_1
Just aim at the actor you want to 'float', and press ped sprint key, and press ped sprint key again to release them.


EDIT: Fixed the script so it always 'floats' the actor 2 feet higher than the ground they're standing on.

Edited by Recommended
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deleted account

You legend, now I just have to figure out what angles you have to use for ped directions and how to do text and audio clips which I can probably figure out on my own



Edited by SpicyDragon
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