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The Wicked


Recommended Posts


The Wicked

Ciao a tutti GTAFrutti!

This is not your typical member group. In fact, it is very unique or at least i hope so 😀

It is about my game concepts/projects that i might realise at some point in the future, especially after i finish college. This is a place where all possible future developers and all other those who are interested in my projects/concepts gather and discuss them here and/or just apply to become a co-developer or contributor by posting e.g. "I'd like to contribute" or "I wanna join" and if i like your post, you'll become a member of my group, i'll send you a Discord link to PM and add you to the Members List

You'll need artistic, programming and other skills if you want to co-develop and contribute, any level, from beginner to expert. BTW ideas and suggestions also count as contribution ofc so ideas are totally welcome and ofc no skills for ideas needed 😝

I created a Discord server which is officially open and maybe i'll make a wiki.


These are the concepts/projects i might realize:


  1. Wicked Terror Facilities – will have its dedicated website at some point so stay tuned and please be patient and civilised 😃
  2. GSM Device City – shares many elements with GTA2, it's a top-down, open world game where you drive and steal mobile phones. This game project will be the main focus for now
  3. Legit Piracy (uncertain) – a possible action-adventure and/or RPG and/or real-time strategy game where you have various diverse pirate crews. Most crews would be based on various subcultures and art movements and eras, like Anarcho-Punk, Metalhead and Symbolist Pirates, but also those nationalist ones, like Somali and Classic Egyptian Pirates
  4. Speed of Luxury (uncertain) – basically a NFS Underground clone in which only cars are customizable luxury cars, especially those that didn't appear in any car tuning/pimping game so far, whether as part of the game or mod, e.g. i can't think of any game that features a tunable Continental Mark II, maybe it would be an awful idea to pimp that beauty but why not add turbo/nitro? Also, even if Rolls-Royce and Maybach were featured in some games they'll be included aswell
  5. Vision of Speed (uncertain) - another racing game which features concept sports, muscle and supercars as the only playable vehicles. Examples of such vehicles include the Mercedes-Benz C112 and all variants of Pontiac Banshee




Current Team:












* yes we start small :breadfish: :catloaf: *



To join the group you need to be interested in and/or have played and/or be fans of:


following games:



    • Grand Theft Auto series ofc
    • Saints Row series
    • Just cause series
    • Final Fantasy franchise
    • Driver franchise
    • Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
    • Prey (2006)
    • Mirror's Edge series
    • F.E.A.R. series
    • Skyrim
    • MDK (1997)
    • Watch_Dogs series
    • Need for Speed franchise
    • Midnight Club series
    • Legend of Zelda i guess 😜
    • Halo series
    • Far Cry series
    • Assassin's Creed series
    • Worms franchise
    • Mario Kart, Re-Volt and its clones
    • PUBG
    • Fortnite
    • Hitman series
    • Destruction Derby series
    • Tekken series
    • Mortal Kombat series maybe



TV series, movies, literature, comics etc:



    • Marvel (anti-heroes like Deadpool)
    • DC (anti-heroes like Batman)
    • Sci-fi genre in general
    • Literature since 19th century
    • Happy Tree Friends
    • Scary Movie series
    • Fantasy genre to some extent
    • Kim Possible
    • James Bond
    • Anime
    • Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl






    • Subcultures
    • Art movements
    • History of art
    • Animals
    • Over-the-topness
    • Diversity and variety
    • Mythology
    • Various humour
    • Corrupt organizations theme
    • MMA
    • Taek-won-doe
    • Supernatural
    • Trolling
    • Gangs
    • History to some extent
    • ... and many other things


Also you should/can stick/hang around to this thread and post comments, suggestions, questions and anything related to this, but only chosen members will get a Discord invite link in their PM 😀

This is still to be updated so stay tuned...

You don't really need to be interested in all those things, one or several is enough to support my p/c

The latter three uncertain p/c can also be discussed, and i'd even make them copylefted. In other words some devs may draw inspiration from my uncertain p/c as long as they don't ruin it

I could also use another moderator who could help me with monitoring when i'm not able to and cleaning up the mess if it happens too much and often and i hope things don't get out of control

IMPORTANT (UPDATE): WTF and GSMDC wont be discussed on this topic but instead in the Discord channel

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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History of topic moving


At first i wanted this topic to be in the Crews section, but somehow ended up in Recruitment, either i accidentally clicked on it or it was a bug, then it was moved to Find Lobbies and Players because of some kind of misunderstanding and finally it ended up here, and i'm fine with it, now everything shall be fine :D

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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  • 2 weeks later...

Probably, maybe i wrote some misunderstanding(s) and i check multiple times if everything in my post is ok. This weekend i'll update this thread and probably make a Discord channel, but maybe i don't need to rush if less than 9 joined my group and/or team :D

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UPDATE: Discord server coming soon, just need some time to learn the basics and everything else :p

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Do you have any actual concepts drawn up? Like a piece of artwork?

Besides ideas, I can offer something in regards the audio department. I've experience working with mixing and sample manipulation.

Btw, love the Pirate and Device City ideas.

Edited by Yinepi
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I don't have concept artwork but i did make a list of info about Device City, it's in the Discord channel that i'm still working on and will be open as soon as friday

And yes, you're welcome to work with audio stuff, you could make sfx for GSMDC and all audio for LP even if the release and maybe development of this game is uncertain :(

I'll be working on MIDI original score/soundtrack for GSMDC and maybe mobile phone sprites, roads, UI and other stuff...

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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UPDATE: Date of opening of Discord channel might be moved to one or two weekends later as my niece will arrive tomorrow and is staying with my family for Easter holidays

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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UPDATE: Discord server link will be exclusively sent to trusted members via PM. Also, it will be open as soon as next friday definitely but i'll also only invite 3 to 9 more members and several mods and admins until summer holidays, when cca 25-45 members will be enough if i can hire another trusted admin(s) before summer :)

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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UPDATE: Admin wanted, must have some admin experience. Also i need up to 6 mods, 3 3D modellers, script compilers and graphics designers

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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UPDATE: i said already Discord link will be sent to trusted members. By trusted i mean those who have enough info about their programming and/or developing and/or modding experience, skills, works and history in profile and/or signature and/or topics and/or posts. This also includes links to their workshops and mods and/or modding profile with original mods and/or any other works

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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  • 1 month later...

UPDATE: Team Members list created, will be updated when more co-devs join

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  • 1 month later...

- deleted post -

Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas
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  • 1 month later...

UPDATE: Still working on GSMDC and WTF while the date of opening of website dedicated to WTF is uncertain, also i might not have the money to maintain it the next few years

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