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Weird island on several GTA Vice City maps online


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Just today in a video of some GTA-YouTuber I found a map that had a weird island on the left in the ocean, above the military base. I also saw it on a website called playstationtrophies.org that uses it in some of their guides. I would like to know if someone knows the origins of that map because it's driving me crazy that I can't seem to find it.

One of the maps is visible on https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/5477589-post6.html

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Hmmm nice bike

I've never seen that before. Obviously not an official map from Rockstar because even the beta map doesn't have that island. If I had to guess, that island is some fan edit that that website and the YouTuber picked up without realizing that it's not the actual map, or it's from somebody's mod or proposed mod.

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It seems to be a fanmade map for the trophies, as your link points out. It even has OP author's watermarks on it.


Just for clarification: Here it is the Vice City map that is shipped with the game's copy when you buy it:







In-game pause menu map:







And not even Vice City Stories has it:






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I recognize that map as the one from the Vice Cry mod, which has a far more detailed map than in the original unmodded game, complete with the island.

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