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Sura Guru

GTA3.IMG file editing.....HELP ME PLEASE...

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Sura Guru

I am new to here and not good in english also not good in programming.. I want to modify GTA III game. I done some easy steps ... put my face to the player skin and insert mp3 folder and also completely edit txd files in txd folder. in models folder i changed generic.txd menu.txd misc.txd and particle.txd and they worked perfectly.


I try to edit gta3.img file using IMG factory and txdworkshop and also i replaced few files (with same resolutions same file format) in some txd files ...

for an example :- gta3.img --> 8ballfence.txd ---> "KeepOut2_64"

no alpha channel 64*64, 6 Mipmaps 32Bit


then i click on the save txd button and then exit the program and opened the gta iii game


i went to the 8ball place but nothing changed..


then i exit from the game and reopen the gta3.img file using txd workshop and also with IMG factory ... when i open the img file its shows the replaced files in there.. but when i open the game those banners and sign boards are not appear as my replaced files


but other files i edited such as generic.txd menu.txd misc.txd etc... working as a charm. i cant understand what should i do for this.


the thing is all the other txd files are working which i was edited firstly... but the gta3.img file and txd files inside of the img file its not showing any changes that i made using txd workshop...


im using windows 8
64 bit
x64 based processor
2 GB ram
core 2 duo cpu E8400 @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz

can someone teach me how to edit img file correctly in gta iii


Sura Guru

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Posted (edited)

Hello and welcome here :p

First things first you use somewhat old and broken tools (I'm looking at you, TXDWorkshop)

You should stop using it immediately, with every edit it corrupts the TXD even more (and I don't trust the IMG capabilities). Which brings us to Magic.TXD, an up-to-date TXD program that edits TXDs correctly and has support for modern image formats and a variety of different TXD versions. As for IMG, I use IMG Manager. It may be old, but it has always worked for me (someone else may recommend a newer alternative). IMG Manager allows you to edit files directly from the IMG, so you double click on the TXD you want to edit, choose Magic.TXD as your default editor, edit, save and (optionally) rebuild archive (ignore any errors). If you have trouble with that, the general procedure is export, edit, import, (rebuild-optional)
​Happy modding!

Edited by guard3

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