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Carl talking to player...


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i have been playing this off and on for years now and i just realized that some of the things Carl says is to the player when you are driving badly, i noticed the sarcastic remarks when i was constantly crashing and there was nobody that he could have insulted except me the one that was driving badly.

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Maybe. I just assumed he blames anyone but himself. I myself don't recall seeing him talk to objects he hits, but maybe I just didn't notice.


I don't think the game determines 'fault' but I could be wrong. There's that intersection at Bayside north of the Gant bridge. If I am heading south and waiting on the light there, a cop coming down the hill will, with some regularity, fail to brake in time behind me and hit me in the rear. Then I'm the one who gets a star for sitting there minding my own business while a cop rear-ends me.


So I just assume no one in the game takes blame for any accidents. The cops, Male01 and the black cabbie are the worst drivers.


I tried a mod that added turn signals but it didn't work well. Much like real life, peds would still turn without signalling or signal when they weren't turning. What really ticks me off is when they suddenly change lanes for no reason several times a minute.

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He is talking you, in that your are Carl, and he is talking to "himself".

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Yes, I have to agree it really stinks when a cop hits you and you get blamed for it

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Give us examples, what are the things you think are about you? or do you think everything is about you, even when it sounds like it's about other drivers?


example: "How are you allowed to drive if you're blind?" - Sounds like it's about the idiot you just hit, but it could be about the player.

Edited by TheSangheili
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Pretty sure that he talks to the other drivers. I never heard his talk when he hits static objects.

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First of all, I, Male01, am not a terrible driver. BFYST is the terrible driver. I can't ever cross the streets without her damaging my vehicle or running me over.


Second of all, read this post made by me a while ago:


GTA San Andreas Rewind - Page 30 - Total Conversions - GTAForums


This shows a possible instance of Carl talking to the player.


Also, I am aware of many people in the game (including Carl) saying some phrases with "player" in it.

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BFYST is the terrible driver. I can't ever cross the streets without her damaging my vehicle or running me over.



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I believe BFYST stands for "Black Female Young STreet". Second of all, the game has 9 carjackers who definitely are terrible drivers (when they jack a ride of course).


About Carl, he does seem pretty suggestive in many voice lines. Don't forget about his narration during "In The Beginning", "Intensive Care", "Key To Her Heart", and "Home Coming". I hope you all clicked the link I left in the previous post.

Edited by Male01
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  • 2 weeks later...

Male01, hello! When I play Gta Sa I see you driving Brownstreak aka 'The Damn Train'. I alao see you driving random vehicles. And yes, bfyst is a bad driver. Bfyst follows me wherever I go magically, and likes to ram me when I am least expecting it. Sorry but I have to drag you out of the train when I have to drive it.


Edit: I never heard Carl talking to player (me). I will post again when I hear Carl talking to me.

Edited by Obb Porff
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