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GTA Uncut Playing Cards - Characters 3DU

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Posted (edited)

Release date: Unknown

Highest probability - end of 2006.

Origin Info:

Very little is known about these Uncut Character Sheet of Playing Cards, but according to some sources, around 2200 were "suppose to be released". It is questionable why would anyone ever release uncut-unfinished product, so it could be speculated that they weren't officially released and were put out of production sometime in the process - reasons being unknown, but eventually found their way to the community via 'unofficial' channels - most likely an employee working for a card company who had a contract with Rockstar, got in possession sometime before or after their release was canceled and later on decided to sell them.

Status and Availability:

Extremely hard to find, to say at least. The only two known pieces in circulation were spotted not so long ago on one of the e-commerce sites and they went for a surprisingly low price of 100.00 USD each.


Sheet of 52 uncut playing cards and 2 jokers of GTA 3D Universe characters.


Kent Paul, Tony Cipriani, JD O'Toole, Giovanni Casa, Mickey Hamfists, Mike"lips"Forelli, Jane Hopper,
Massimo Torrini, Misty,Luigi Goterelli, Vincenzo Cilli, Joey Leone, Maria Latore, Salvatore Leone, Claude,
Big Mitch Baker, Candy Suxx, Aunti Poulet, Steve Scott, Luis Gonzalez, Umberto Robina, Avery Carrington,
Ken Rosenburg, Tommy Vercetti, Sean"Sweet" Johnson, Kendl Johnson, Lance "Ryder" Wilson, Frank Tenpenny,
Wu Zi Mu, Phil Cassidy, Ned Burner, Catalina, Miguel, Ray Machowski, El Burro, Sonny Forelli, Donald Love,
Asuka Kasen, Kenji Kasen, Toshiko Kasen, Ricardo Diaz, Mercedes Cortez, Lance Vance, Colonel Juan Cortez,
Barabara Schtervart, The Truth, T-Bone Mendes, Melvin "Big Smole" Harris, Cesar Vialpando, Ran Fa Li,
Eddie Pulaski, Carl "CJ" Johnson Maccer.


Extremely Rare. Could be even Unique.

Considering the fact these cards never made it to being officially released - if true - but managing to get to the community nevertheless, could be the significant factor of being highly valuable and thus highly sought after.


Given the lack of facts, hard to say, but definitely more than a hundred bucks.


Latest (Trivia) Edit:

Searching through the web, left and right, I've stumbled upon some interesting facts;

First of all, there's a great chance these were actually produced by the United States Playing Card Company - well known for making playing cards. Secondly, in the spheres of collecting numerous memorabilia, playing cards included, it is far from the unusual that some of the produced decks are actually left uncut and sold exactly like that for the sake of collecting, which of course makes them more rare and valuable and as such they are considered a piece of art.

Of course, sometimes it's just the case of 'faulty' sheet of paper that has been put aside due to the unknown reasons behind the malfunctioning press machine or the cutter itself.

Everything else mentioned is not quite excluded, but latest edit could be proven as a more plausible explanation.

It is interesting to note that there are no 'original' characters from GTA: Vice City Stories, other than those appearing in GTA Vice City which are definitely portrayed as Vice City characters - like Gonzalez for example - so it can give us a certain time frame when they were supposedly printed out and released.
With GTA VCS being just around the corner at that time, maybe Rockstar had a change of mind and decided to pull out of the official release without some VCS characters. Just a wild guess.


I've saved the auction pictures and asked for permission to use them, but without any response.
I will, however, give credit where credit is due and I really hope pictures owner doesn't mind us using them here.

Further notes: Sadly I've lost complete set of pictures, but I've managed to save some of them for us to see.

Photo Credits:


Owners: GTASeriesVideos






Edited by ChengizVlad09

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