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Has this ever happened to you? Multiplayer to Single Player(?) bug


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This is on Xbox One. Watch the video to see everything I saw, but basically all cars, trucks, bikes and aircraft you'd see in single player were driving around, and I could go into some interiors only available in single player. Along with some NPC's you only see in online during jobs, and some you never see online, like those on four legs.


I have no idea what causes this to happen. This is the second time this happened to me, but the first time I tried to see if I was in some kind of God Mode and ran into a gas station killing myself before I did any exploring.
It seems completely random as to when it might happen, but the same thing seemed to trigger it:

1: Be in an empty public session
2: Be in passive
3: Be in a vehicle
4: Find Contact Mission though Quick Job and mash the yes button
5: Profit, if lucky.

You'll know if it happens because the mini-map will disappear and you'll poof out of your car, you also will not be able to use your phone, change the radio in cars (which you don't hear because clips taken with the Xbox DVR removes the radio audio), open the pause menu, or open the interaction menu to leave passive and use guns. I also couldn't enter any of my properties.

I went around the map but my adventure ended when I tried to make friends with a LOST old lady and got caped, but instead of being wasted my screen faded to black and stayed there. I waited for something to happen but after ten minutes I gave up on it, force quit the game, restarted it, and after getting back online everything was back to normal.

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Happy Hunter

I did have this recently, on Xbox One as well.



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Haven't had it accidentally happen lately but yeah, been there many times. Most of the greatest glitches require this.

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Malibu Club

Haven't seen anything like that since I moved to next gen.

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Some players said on the 7sins website, that they got the cheat codes working in online again... Probably why players keep having this bug.

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It happens to me fairly often. It's definitely a funny bug.My female character suddenly had a voice.



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It happens to me fairly often. It's definitely a funny bug.My female character suddenly had a voice.




That first scream though. :lol:

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