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97.9 the Loop 41 years in the chicagoland area

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"It took the Loop to bring down Disco, and it took God to bring down the Loop" -Steve Dahl Disco Demolition Night - Wikipedia

For anyone that doesn't know the 97.9 was just bought buy the Christian broadcaster Educational Media Foundation for 21 million dollars and will be switching from classic rock to contemporary Christian music


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Oddly I did (even though I've never listened in)


Go to 1:16 in this vid




It is only a mention but the rest of the vid is still interesting and half relevant.


In any case the Loop seems to be a big thing across the states.

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This is actually the second rock formatted station I can think of that has been bought out by the Educational Media Foundation; a deep-pocketed non-profit operator of christian music radio stations. The last example was KSWD "100.3 The Sound" in Los Angeles. The station was sold by Entercom as a result of their merger with CBS Radio to prevent overflow with FCC ownership limits that would have resulted as a result of the acquisition of several other stations in the LA market. Rock radio as a whole has taken a big hit in the US in the past 9 years with a number of successful, long standing stations flipping.

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Rock Music stations are a dying breed, we only have one in the DC area. we use to have 3. but one got bought out by spanish music station and the other got bought out by a top 40/hip hop station. DC101 is now our only Rock station and they play the same songs from the late 90s and early 00s on repeat daily

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