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[XFTE] & [XFTL] | Recruitment | Mainly PS4

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone and welcome to my recruitment for both [XFTE] and [XFTL].


(Before we start, I would like to say that please excuse my lack of info, I'll edit this post as much as I can to

get the best aspect my crews are trying to show you guys).







  • Detailed info:


To keep our loyalty stable enough, we made it so you can decide which crew you want to be on. It can be either [XFTE] or [XFTL]. And, in the future, 3 more crews each with their own signature colors will show up.

Feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated here, suggestions as well will apply to help these 2 crews grow a lot more. Those who are active enough will be rewarded with a superior crew rank. (But you will also need to prove that you are mature enough to handle such responsibility. Hostile members are not tolerated in [XFTL]).


  • About the emblems:

Sweet sweet emblems, because who doesn't like emblems, I guess that's why you're here for too. In certain times of the year (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) emblems will vary depending the occasion, for example: [XFTE] did a great job last year, applying emblems with a Halloween variant and a Christmas variant as well. To keep such events more alive, we do it with style.


  • Activities
​When it's about activities, we mostly enjoy taking control of the lobby in Free Mode, even if it takes lethal force to prove our strenght Vs. other players/crews. It's been really difficult to have a proper, peaceful lobby lately. Especially when players around Los Santos and Blaine County are full of armed vehicles exploding everything around you. So one of our goals is to cover that detail so we wouldn't need to worry about which lobby is the most appropiate to play peacefully.
(Yes, if you're looking for a crew that loves empty lobbies using lethal force, then you're in the right place. We have the right to survive in free-mode too).
Also with the help of our Discord server, we'll make it easier for you guys so everyone can start making heists. Guaranteed money. I'm not saying you'll be instantly rich though, but everything is possible if we join forces in this chaotic city Los Santos is.
  • Did you just say... Multi-language crew?!
Surprise, not only english members are allowed to join my crews in specific.
But also we'll manage to handle 2 crews that can connect with both english and spanish members! (¿Por qué no?).
With the help of our Discord server, we'll make it so players from english language can interact each other.
The same applies for spanish members. So there is no clashing between both languages. It's one of my most biggest goals here.
  • First goals, links and objectives:

List of goals for [XFTE]:

* 1.000 members.

* A working, populated Discord server.

* 3 Crew outfits.

* 3 Crew cars.


List of goals for [XFTL]:

* Different color

* New emblem

* YouTube channel (So that everyone can share their best moments on the crew, another HUGE goal).


Future goals:

* 3 more crews (Each one with one specific theme, color and variant).


  • Links:

[XFTE]: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xander_files_team

[XFTL]: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xanderfileslightning

Discord: https://discord.gg/YgKMTyR (My apologies for the broken link, it is fixed now. You can now access my new fresh Discord server).


Any suggestion is really appreciated.

I'll be working hard to keep these 2 crews stronger.

Edited by NinjaXFiles

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