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Installing Countryside Mountains V - Crashes during loading screens

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Posted (edited)



I'm currently trying to install the Countryside Mountains V map mod onto my GTA IV but it keeps on crashing when I've done everything right.


I already have the WTC Mod and a 2001 cars mod, both mods which might be why it crashes, but I've followed everything correctly and it still crashes. I

didn't bother to copy the radar.img or the frontend_360.wtd files (the files I have for these are from the WTC mod), do any of these affect installation?


How can I fix this? It's a very good map mod that I'd want to use. My version of GTA IV is

Edited by ModdingisfunDX

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You might be on many issues.

A few here I sugggest..

radar.img can be nessacery since the radar provides an more wided map. You also can do that stuff manually with OpenIV, like combining these both radar.img's.

If you install the lastest Countryside Mountains V map mod, you need ...

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Posted (edited)

I've downloaded a 2013 version of the mod from here, I think that's the earliest version I have for it. The game still crashed during loading screens, and I'd copied radar.img on this occasion also.

Do you have any idea as to where I could find an older, compatible version?


EDIT: I've tried to install another map mod but this one also crashes during loading screen.

Edited by ModdingisfunDX

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Same problem here. It's because if you edit something/put a new folder in pc/data/maps, the game would crash. It only happens in I tried editing the trees and deleting them and such and it worked on but doesnt work on It's weird why it doesnt work, since is the best version for modding... Apparently not.

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