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Threat or excuse?

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Long ago,I've watched the introduction video. There it shows that Ryder is convinced to leave the groves and join other way around. And, during the drive thru mission,a conversation is engaged. Ryder keeps talking about a green sabre. Therefore,it means that his mouth slipped for a bit. Big Smoke immediately intervened and said @well people like to TALK,don't [email protected] this mean that he was trying to make the Green Sabre a fake event made up by people, or threatening Ryder to tell Tenpenny about his "big mouth"? We all know Tenpenny would have organised a hit squad just as he warned Smoke in the Introdruction. And then Ryder calmly replied : Sure,my bad. I didn't notice this even when I beat the storyline 3 times,but after I saw the introduction, and analysed the events in Los Santos, I came up with this idea

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First, I don't think Ryder is afraid of CRASH as he states "It would take more than a bullet to stop me" while Smoke is inferring that he is being threatened by Tenpenny and that he would follow the order, making money while doing so. We see both in the Introduction and the game that Smoke is blackmailed as he should "do something" otherwise he gots killed: "knew that fat f*ck would see it that way" Tenpenny says. Now, it could be organizing the Green Sabre operation, convincing Ryder to follow CRASH's order with him, or selling drugs. In fact, Smoke also endeavors to convince Sweet to sell crack to make "the gang stronger" but he refuses.


I don't think Smoke says that to make Ryder stop, it is just that he is stressed out that CJ mentions the day his mother got killed and Smoke feels remorse so it's an excuse to me. Ryder is a mere pawn in their game to put the Grove down. It was unintentional for Ryder to mention the Green Sabre—he is just a bit of an idiot here.

Edited by uncredited

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Obb Porff

I think Big Smoke meant it both ways:

Threat: To stop Ryder from talking more.

Excuse: To explain (sort of) to others that ryder and smoke only saw it happening.

Words can have double meanings too.

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