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Can you *add* anims to ped.IFP? Or add to animsgrp.DAT?


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Or is it replace only?


I'm thinking the reason I can't get a Special Actor 01 to maintain walk-style in a CLEO script is because his ped.IDE parameter for Animation Group is simply 'man'.


The mod I am attempting to modify replaces that parameter with 'Skate' and then points to an IFP in gta3.IMG that is modded to replace the skate animations. But then I would have no skaters.


So I am wondering why he didn't simply add a new IFP rather than cannibalize one that already exists. Was it because one cannot create a new Animation Group?


I looked at another very elegant mod I have for skate-boarding. That fellow replaced what are apparently redundant or unused animations in ped.IFP. Apparently the game had abandoned code for riding a skateboard which is vehicle-related; I can't figure how else he could've gotten around it.


So I know I can replace anims in the ped.IFP. (assuming the size of ped.IFP doesnt crash the dump). And I know that animgrp.DAT deals only with the ped.IFP.


My hope is that I could create a new animsgrp.DAT entry for a new group, and point it towards ped.IFP, where I could add new anims rather than replace them, since I dont know which ones I could safely replace, and then employ that new parameter in the ped.IDE so the damn walk-style will stick. I could use the 'fat man' ones for the player maybe, since I never use them, but I try to keep as much of the original game structure intact as I can.


And thats assuming I can even make edits to animsgrp.DAT. When I have tried adding a new animsgrp.DAT entry pointing towards a new IFP altogether, it just crashes. I was thinking maybe its because it only deals with ped.IFP.


In the end, I may have to just replace a whole group, which is what I was trying to avoid. Further, I thought I read somewhere that the groups were hard-coded elsewhere.


When I see all this replacing, it leads me to think I can't add new ones.


Does anyone actually know?



Edited by Lazlo_
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