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Same mistakes as GTA V ?

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In general, Rockstar seem to be rather good at learning from their mistakes, unlike some other big companies. So i remain hopefull.

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The issue with V is that they sometimes overcorrected because of the mixed reaction towards IV. I happen to love V but I understand that it has it's issues and they mostly stem from that. With RDR that isn't a factor because people loved RDR 1. If you look at the trailer it seems clear they are making it for the audience who loved the first one. There is no effort to try and please a divided fanbase.

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RDR2 will be awesome I'm sure! Trailer 3 has put all my fears to bed. R* are BACK!

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60017 Silver Fox

I'd be disappointed if they did but I can't see RDR2 being given the same treatment as GTA V though I never had much problems in GTA V bar the lack of post game things to do, it being hard to buy the final properties for me as Michael (not a fan of the stock market) and the 5000 punishment per death which puts me off playing as Michael.


Judging on the trailers and interviews it looks like we are having much more to enjoy in single player compared to RDR so as long as the story remains enjoyable and there are lots to do I cannot see the game being as controversial as GTA V which felt like it was a downgrade in places compared to GTA IV and was held back in favour of GTAO... I'm still a bit bitter over the lack of single player dlc even now.

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i think we can expect the same level of quality of RDR Single player, which is great, and an improved online experience, which is great too.

Damn right I'm looking forward to owning horses with chrome saddles and hoofs a steam powered robot flying horse, a mansion/plantation , a steamboat/riverboat running gold mining business with freeroam supply and PvP gameplay cattle ranching dlc update with similar PvP elements as gold mining. See what I did there ? I'm so naughty mwahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!😈

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imagine if in rdr2 when you stand next to the npc, they say "thats it, im getting the sheriff" or automatically get violent with you like in gta v lol

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